Post-War Silver Op: Now With More Silver!

May 13, 2021

Play in a Post-War Era vehicle in Cold War mode and get +30% Silver on every battle!

14 MAY
17:01UTC Time
8:59UTC Time


To keep your momentum going, we’re going to spice-up Post-War earnings with even MORE Silver!

From May 14th through 31st, you’ll get a +30% Silver bonus on every multiplayer and Co-Op battle you play with a Post-War Era tank! No limits on the number of battles!

As always, your feedback is super important to us, so please keep sending it in so that we’re able to make adjustments like this one.


Now roll-out and earn as much silver as you can!

Post-War Stimulus

Goals Rewards Restrictions

Play a battle in a Post-War Era vehicle

  • +30% Silver
Available to Cold War mode only Must play a Post-War Era vehicle Available to multiplayer and Co-Op battles