Console Community: Interview with Pom Wallaby!

Console Community: Interview with Pom Wallaby!

June 24, 2020

Learn more about another standout moderator for the WoTC Reddit community!

Commanders! When a game like World of Tanks: Valor sinks its hooks in you, of course you want to spend time learning all you can about it and talking with others who enjoy it as much as you do.

Lucky for WoT, there are a bunch of community moderators who make getting into the game both easy and fun.

Today’s Console Community interview is the second to feature a moderator of the WoTC Reddit (the first being our interview with l3m0nh3ad). Pom Wallaby does plenty to make sure Commanders everywhere have a fantastic time in battle over on Reddit.

Which tank class does Pom prefer to play? What are his top five maps and why? What’s he likely to be snacking on while he plays? Learn all this and more below!

Tell us about yourself!

I started off as Pom Wallaby, a British guy working in Australia with a “new” Xbox 360. I returned home but the name stuck. I haven’t hit 40 yet but I certainly feel like one of the older players here.

What’s your console of choice?

I currently play on an Xbox One S. I’d like to upgrade to a Next Gen console.

When did you start playing World of Tanks: Valor?

January 2016, although I was introduced to the game some time before that.

What do you enjoy the most about the World of Tanks: Valor Reddit community?

When I was a new player Reddit appeared to be the most accessible and welcoming of the online communities. I was drawn into it and it has proven to be a great way of meeting other players from around the world, near and far. Redditors continue to support each other both in game and out.

What are some awesome things happening in the Reddit community that other tankers wouldn’t know?

You never know what might get posted next on Reddit. Thanks to Wargaming we do sometimes have codes that we can give to the community as prizing in competitions. My favourite was a Mystery Tank Identification Contest after Tankfest 2019. I hope to run another.

Out of all the game events and game ops, which has been your ultimate favorite?

I yearn for a return of the Mark 1 as a playable tank from the 100 Years of Tanks special mode, although the best fun is on Mars!

What’s the highest amount of damage you’ve dealt in one single battle? Can you share the story and which tank you were using?

A modest 6197 mastery in The Machine. A win on Cliff, nothing particularly special, everything went right and I landed a few clips worth going around the corner as the Reds focused on the opposite side.

What advice would you give to new tankers?

Find a clan to play with. The bond you can build by playing with others makes this game special to me. Various people in the community may run tournaments for clans and perhaps that might be too much for some new players but being part of a clan is more than just that. To me the game doesn’t end at Tier X but it’d be cliche of me to say that’s where it starts.

What are you five favorite tanks in game, and why?

I generally prefer playing Heavy tanks. Brawling is where the adrenaline is. In no particular order:

The IS7, my default recommendation for anyone’s first Tier X for its armour, although the Super Conqueror would be a close second and its gun is much better.

The T29, my favourite tier-for-tier “hull down” heavy.

The TOG II mightn’t dwarf other tanks as it did before the introduction of the Japanese Heavies but it is elegant in its own way.

If I was only allowed to pick one tank, it’d be the Tiger 131. It can stand against any other WWII-era tank in game. Its gun slings out shells and its armour holds up a little better thanks to preferential matchmaking.

Can you share a personal tank strategy?

I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it. That explains the trouble that I’m always in. Be patient is very good advice.

What are your favorite World of Tanks: Valor snacks?

Doritos (Chilli Heatwave) and currently Monster’s Pipeline Punch.

What are your top five favorite maps, and why?

  1. Overlord – Thematically and for the sweet cliff jumps.
  2. Westfield – It’s called Westfield for a reason no need for so many to go Eastridge!
  3. Prokhorovka – Nice wide open map with a few good offensive positions.
  4. Kaunas – I’m less familiar with this map and that’s part of the fun.
  5. Moon – For the sweet low gravity jumps.

What would you like to see added to World of Tanks: Valor in the future?

I was looking forward to British Lights, Crossplay and Next Gen launch, but Wargaming seems to have beaten me to it. I would, however, like to see an SPG rebalance similar to that on PC and reusable consumables.

What do you do for fun outside of WoT?

I have a growing family and kids to train.

Anything else you want to tell the community?

Be the positive change you want to see in the community, people will thank you for it. From my experience as a moderator, if someone is causing offense, they’re usually having a tough day. Most people are reasonable. These are tough times so be forgiving to yourself and others.

Where can players find you?

I’m primarily on Reddit and Discord and go through phases of activity on Twitter. I tend to hop on others streams rather than stream myself. I’d like to give my clan mate GSCFmayhem a shout out on Mixer! GSCFmayhem –Just your average potato…..maybe sweet potato! [Note: since this interview, Mayhem has moved to Twitch. Check out his stream at! -Wargaming]

You can visit and join our Subreddit at

Thanks so much to Pom Wallaby for such an awesome interview!

We’ve got more interviews to come with the players you’ll find on the battlefield, on the discussion boards, and anywhere else that World of Tanks: Valor dominates. Be on the lookout for the next one!

Until then… roll out, Commander!