Join the Platoon Matchmaking Balance Test!

Join the Platoon Matchmaking Balance Test!

September 10, 2020

Join us and help us gauge three-tanker Platoon balances across teams!

15 SEP
10:01UTC Time
22 SEP
9:59UTC Time

Hello, Commanders,

Matchmaking is one of the pivotal components of the game. As part of an effort to continuously improve the matchmaker based on player feedback, we’d like you to help us with a test.

One of the many factors that can impact matchmaking is Platoons, especially four-player or five-player Platoons. There are two main ways Platoons can affect a match: Platoon advantage and Platoon balancing.

Platoon advantage means that players who are in a Platoon are more likely to win than solo players, as they have more influence over the outcome of the battle. Each Platoon size has a certain amount of Platoon advantage, with four-player and five-player Platoons having the most.

Platoon balancing refers to the number of Platooned players on each team and the difference in tiers among all the players in a Platoon. Although ideally the matchmaker will put same-tier Platoons together in a match and have the same number of Platooned players on each team, this is not always possible due to other rules that need to be applied or simply the lack of compatible Platoons in the battle queue.

Creating fair and balanced matches is a priority. To support this goal, we will temporarily be reducing the maximum Platoon size from five players to three players and monitoring how this affects the matchmaker.

The hope is that with a reduced maximum Platoon size, the matchmaker will have a more consistent Platoon size to draw from in the battle queue. This should improve Platoon balance across the teams and reduce their impact on the match outcome, creating a more fair and balanced match for all players.

Certain Weekly Challenges from our current season require Platoon participation, which is why all Commanders should take this opportunity to join a Platoon in battle and be part of the test!

This matchmaking test will last for a week while we review the data to see how matchmaking was impacted.

We look forward to hearing your feedback in the forums and keep an eye out for a survey on this test coming to your inbox. Please visit our World of Tanks Forums to share your comments and personal experiences with the test: LINK

Before we sign off, don’t forget about the+1/-1 Matchmaking event this coming weekend! During this event, play against other vehicles that are no more than one tier above or below yours. Note: Preferential Matchmaking tanks will be adjusted to play with vehicles of the same tier or one tier lower. For example, players in a tier III tank will only see tanks tiered II-III.

See you on the battlefield!

The World of Tanks Development Team

 NOTE: The Platoon balancing evaluation and its results are for testing purposes only; there will be no commitments rendered regarding its implementation.