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The Orbital Nukes Event!

February 3, 2020

Even more War Chests are coming your way in this new in-game event!

21:01UTC Time
11 FEB
20:59UTC Time

Commanders, alert! From February 3rd until February 11th, register and participate in the Orbital Nukes tank event! Play in Artillery vehicles in Multiplayer battles and win War Chests!

Not a fan of arties? No problem! There are War Chests for you to win too!

Now, let us explain everything step by step.


You can participate in the event in one of two groups. The first group is for Commanders who enjoy playing Artillery, while the other group is for those who just love sending them back to the Garage! In each of these two groups, there will be 4 prize categories: the main category and three additional ones. Multiplayer battles only!


  • Main category: deal the highest average damage over your 50 most successful battles in Tier VI–X artillery.
  • Additional categories:
    • Deal the highest amount of damage in an artillery in a single battle (Tier VI–X artillery).
    • Earn the highest number of Gore’s medals during the event.
    • Earn the highest number of Rock Solid commemorative tokens during the event.
  • Main category: destroy the highest average number of artillery over your 30 most successful battles in Tier VI–Х vehicles (except artillery).
  • Additional categories:
    • Destroy the highest number of artillery during the event.
    • Assist with the highest spotting damage in a single battle (Tier VI–Х vehicles).
    • Earn the highest number of Burda’s medals, Dumitru’s medals, and Pascucci’s medals during the event.



In the main category, 50 commanders from each group will be rewarded. In additional categories, prizes will be given to the most successful players.

  • 1st place: 3 Hero’s War Chests + “Wargaming Approved” emblem
  • 2nd place: 3 General’s War Chests
  • 3rd place: 3 Commander’s War Chests
  • 4th–50th place: 1 Commander’s War Chest
  • 1st place in each category (14 winners total): 1 Hero’s War Chest + 1 General’s War Chest + 1 Commander’s War Chest


Please note: you can only be registered (and win) in one group! If you win in several categories, you’ll be rewarded for your best achievement.

When registering, specify your player name and select the group you want to participate in.


Good luck on the battlefield!