Rediscover Chinese Battlefield Power With On-Track

September 13, 2021

The vehicles leading up to the WZ-113G FT might not be so rare once On-Track’s Silver discounts and XP bonus kick in!

14 SEP
10:01UTC Time
28 SEP
8:59UTC Time

On-Track: WZ-113G FT

If you’re the kind of tanker who takes pride in conquering an entire line of vehicles from start to finish, then On-Track is the event for you. Each edition of On-Track offers Silver discounts and a 25% XP bonus on all the tanks in one specific Tech Tree line, making them easier than ever to claim.

This time, On-Track is dedicated to the Chinese tank destroyers in the WZ-113G FT line. Take advantage of the XP bonus and Silver discounts listed below, and expect to see these anti-tank machines in your garage before you know it!

50% Silver Discount

  • Chinese Tier III M3G FT Tank Destroyer
  • Chinese Tier IV SU-76G FT Tank Destroyer
  • Chinese Tier V 60G FT Tank Destroyer
  • Chinese Tier VI WZ-131G FT Tank Destroyer

30% Silver Discount

Now’s the time to jump on this line, as the WZ-113G FT and several of the tanks before it have been overhauled in the latest edition of Tanks Reforged. Check out the changes to make the most of this On-Track event!