Here! Have all American Tech Tree Vehicles!

Here! Have all American Tech Tree Vehicles!

November 23, 2020

Own the American Tech Tree with On-Track’s Silver discounts and XP bonuses!

24 NOV
11:01UTC Time
10:59UTC Time

What’s On-Track? On-Track is an event that offers Silver discounts and XP bonuses to tankers who want to progress through a nation’s Tech Tree and reach the top tiers faster!

This week, enjoy our most star-spangled event ever, as all American Tech Tree tanks will have Silver discounts and a 25% XP bonus. The XP bonus will also be active for all Premium American tanks, so you’ll be able to gather convertible XP even faster!

50% Silver Discount

  • Tiers II – V

30% Silver Discount

  • Tiers VI – X