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On-Track: T-100 LT – Light Tanks on the Move

June 20, 2022

Thanks to On-Track’s XP bonus and Silver discounts, this light tank line is ready to speed into your collection!

21 JUN
10:01UTC Time
8:59UTC Time

On-Track is the two-week event that gives you Silver discounts and a +25% XP bonus on every tank in a specific Tech Tree line. More XP earned + more Silver saved = more resources in your virtual pocket to help you reach your tank commander goals!

Usually On-Track is paired with Tanks Reforged, the initiative that updates World War II tanks to keep them in battle-ready shape. Tanks Reforged is on vacation this month. However, we didn’t want you to go without the benefits of an On-Track event!

So through July 4th, take advantage of Silver discounts and a +25% XP bonus on all the tanks in the T-100 LT line to add these tanks to your garage in record time.

Check out the Silver discounts available on each vehicle while this edition of On-Track is live:

Keep watching the News page and our social media channels to see which legendary vehicles will be overhauled when Tanks Reforged returns!