The French On-Track You’ve Been Waiting for Is Here!

July 12, 2021

Add French class and speed to your collection with On-Track’s Silver discounts and +25% XP bonus!

13 JUL
10:01UTC Time
20 JUL
8:59UTC Time

Vitesse is the French term for speed, which is exactly what you’re getting with this special On-Track event in honor of Bastille Day (a.k.a. French National Day).

On-Track: French Light Tanks

On-Track is a week-long event that gives you XP bonuses and Silver discounts on tanks from a nation’s Tech Tree, allowing you to earn upper-tier tanks faster than usual.

This week, On-Track is dedicated to French Tech Tree light tanks. Don’t miss its +25% XP bonus and the Silver discounts below to own a fleet of fast-moving and versatile scouts!

Allons-y, Commandant (Let’s go, Commander)!

50% Discount

30% Discount

AMX 12 t AMX 12t GIF
AMX 13 105 AMX 13 105 GIF
AMX 13 105 GIF