On the Precipice: US Week!

April 19, 2021

Best of the West! Expand your tank collection with these specials.

20 APR
10:01UTC Time
27 APR
8:59UTC Time

Big, powerful, and ready to roll! It’s a special American week loaded with the best discounts and bonuses on your favorite tanks. Ready to paint your Vehicle slot red, white, and blue?

Nationwide On-Track: US Tech Tree

This week only, make the most of this special On-Track event on the entire American Tech Tree! ANY tank line will have On Track’s +25% XP bonus and Silver discounts at your disposal!


+25% XP bonus on every American Tech Tree tank

50% Silver discount on American Tech Tree tanks from Tier III – VI

30% Silver discount on American Tech Tree tanks from Tier VII – X

Tier X Free XP Vehicle Discount

Add the four vehicles below to your collection with a 20% discount and see for yourself why Free XP tanks are a completely different breed.

VK 72.01 (K) G92_VK7201
M60 A92_M60
T95/FV4201 Chieftain GB98_T95_FV4201_Chieftain
WZ-111 Qilin Ch41_WZ_111_QL
German Tier X VK 72.01 (K) Heavy Tank

Available for 360,000 Free XP

British Tier X T95/FV4201 Chieftain Heavy Tank

Available for 360,000 Free XP

American Tier X M60 Medium Tank

Available for 360,000 Free XP

Chinese Tier X WZ-111 Qilin Heavy Tank

Available for 360,000 Free XP

US Week Bundles

Get 60% off these badass bundles to assemble your fleet of American tanks, recruit their overseas allies, and show the colors of freedom with your new Emblems and vouchers.

Take your pick, Commander! The battlefield waits for no one!

All Premium vehicles purchased from the Store come with their own Vehicle slot and a mix of standard and Premium ammo.

Three American heavy tanks with outstanding turret armor and firepower. Comes with the Black Skull emblem because THAT’S how this bundle rolls!


60% Savings!

American tanks with great gun stats, depression values, and combat flexibility for every occasion! On top of that, the TL-1 LPC gives you two gun options to choose from (single fire or autoloader).


60% Savings!

Light tanks lead the way! Spot the enemy or create a diversion for your team with the excellent speed and mobility of these vehicles. Each tank also has fantastic gun depression values, allowing you to use cover or elevated positions even more efficiently.


60% Savings!

Your mission: SEEK AND DESTROY! Make the most of the T28 Concept’s preferential matchmaking, the T78’s notable mobility, and the Demolisher T28’s awesome frontal armor and Commander XP bonus!

  • American Tier VII T28 Concept Tank Destroyer
  • American Tier VIII Demolisher T28 Tank Destroyer
  • American Tier VI T78 Tank Destroyer
  • Emblem: Team USA (3)


60% Savings!

Three distinct tanks with unique playstyles! Reinforce the attack with the Nomad Somua SM’s deadly autoloader, scout with the AMX Chaffee, or deliver finishing blows with the M4A1 Revalorisé’s merciless firepower. Your choice, mon Commandant.


60% Savings!

Big Guns = Lovely! Dominate the hull down game with the excellent gun depression values and firepower of Her Majesty’s finest.


60% Savings!

A real bundle for real patriots! Display the “Old Glory” spirit with the Cosmetics and vouchers in this bundle!

  • Emblem: Flag of the U.S.A. (10)

  • Emblem: Patriotic Shield (10)

  • Flag Voucher (10)


60% Savings!

Discounted Premium Tanks

Freedom of choice! Get any of the Premium tanks below with a 30% discount.

T23E3 A08_T23
T26E4 SuperPershing A80_T26_E4_SuperPershing
M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII A118_M4_Thunderbolt
T34 A13_T34_hvy
T32-A Proto A12_T32_Auto
HMH AMX M4 mle. 49 F74_AMX_M4_1949_HMH
AMX Chasseur de chars F68_AMX_Chasseur_de_char_46
HMH FV305 GB77_FV305
Chimera GB97_Chimera
Diamondback Mk. 1 GB99_Turtle_Mk1_Hero
HMH Huntsman Centurion GB23_Centurion_Huntsman
American Tier VII T23E3 Medium Tank American Tier VIII T26E4 SuperPershing Medium Tank
American Tier VI M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII Medium Tank American Tier VIII T34 Heavy Tank
American Tier VIII T32-A Proto Heavy Tank French Tier VIII HMH AMX M4 mle. 49 Heavy Tank
French Tier VIII ELC EVEN 90 Light Tank French Tier VIII AMX Chasseur de chars Medium Tank
British Tier VIII HMH FV305 Artillery British Tier VIII Chimera Medium Tank
British Tier VIII Diamondback Mk. 1 Tank Destroyer British Tier VIII HMH Huntsman Centurion Medium Tank

30% Savings!