On the Precipice: Soviet Week!

April 12, 2021

Prepare yourself for greatness with this week’s Soviet specials!

13 APR
10:01UTC Time
20 APR
8:59UTC Time

Can you feel the excitement? It’s time to embrace your role as a battlefield superpower

Take this week to build a Soviet fleet worthy of the glory days of the Motherland!

Nationwide On-Track: Soviet Tech Tree

That’s right: this week, On-Track expands to cover the entire Soviet Tech Tree! No matter which line of tanks you want to pursue, it’s within your grasp thanks to On-Track’s bonus and discounts:

+25% XP bonus on every Soviet Tech Tree tank

50% Silver discount on Soviet Tech Tree tanks from Tier III – VI

30% Silver discount on Soviet Tech Tree tanks from Tier VII – X

Tier X Free XP Vehicle Discount

If you truly want to flex some Soviet muscle, add these four Tier X tanks to your roster. They’re available this week only for Free XP at a 30% discount!

Object 907 R95_Object_907
Object 260 mod. 1945 R110_Object_260
T-22 medium R120_T22SR_A22
Object 279 early R157_Object_279R

Soviet Tier X Object 907 Medium Tank

Available for 315,000 Free XP

Soviet Tier X Object 260 mod. 1945 Heavy Tank

Available for 315,000 Free XP

Soviet Tier X T-22 medium Medium Tank

Available for 315,000 Free XP

Soviet Tier X Object 279 early Heavy Tank

Available for 315,000 Free XP

Soviet Week Bundles

These special bundles are available at savings up to 60%! Get a Soviet tank bundle designed to match your playstyle, choose a curated bundle of outstanding vehicles from another Eastern European nation, or simply show off your Soviet pride on the battlefield with Emblems and Flag Vouchers.

All Premium vehicles purchased from the Store come with their own Vehicle slot and a mix of standard and Premium ammo.

Iron Curtain? Think “iron wall.” These three Tier VIII heavies can stop anything with their unrivaled firepower and armor!


60% Savings!

The enemy’s tactics are vicious. Stay one step ahead with the flexibility and adaptability that these three mediums provide!


60% Savings!

Enemies might think they’re safe. Show them how wrong they are with the direct firepower of Soviet tank destroyers.


60% Savings!

When you’re able to move quickly, survey the territory, and scope out the opposition, the battlefield’s yours!

  • Soviet Tier VI T-50-2 Light Tank
  • Soviet Tier VIII LT-432 Light Tank
  • Emblem: Team USSR (2)


50% Savings!

The power and variety in this bundle are sure to lead your team to victory!


60% Savings!

Stand proudly and fill whatever role will bring your team success with these three Czech mediums!


60% Savings!

Discounted Premium Tanks

Round out your Eastern European tank collection with individual Premium vehicles! The tanks below are available this week at a 30% discount:

ISU-122S R116_ISU122C_Berlin
SU-122-44 R89_SU122_44
SU-100Y R49_SU100Y
SU-85I R78_SU_85I
Škoda T 40 Cz01_Skoda_T40
Löwe G51_Lowe
Verzila KV-4K R128_KV4_Kreslavskiy_Hero
IS-2 R71_IS_2B
Glory IS-5 R113_Object_730_Hero
Mauerbrecher VK 168.01 (P) G138_VK168_02_Mauerbrecher
The Hidden StuG III G05_StuG_40_AusfG_Dark_Horse
E 25 G48_E-25
Soviet Tier VII ISU-122S Tank Destroyer Soviet Tier VII SU-122-44 Tank Destroyer
Soviet Tier VI SU-100Y Tank Destroyer Soviet Tier V SU-85I Tank Destroyer
Czechoslovakian Tier VI Škoda T 40 Medium Tank German Tier VIII Löwe Heavy Tank
Soviet Tier VIII Verzila KV-4K Heavy Tank Soviet Tier VII IS-2 Heavy Tank
Soviet Tier VIII Glory IS-5 Heavy Tank German Tier VIII Mauerbrecher VK 168.01 (P) Heavy Tank
German Tier V The Hidden StuG III Tank Destroyer German Tier VII E 25 Tank Destroyer

30% Savings!

The battlefield is about to get even more heated, Commander. Take command and choose your path toward victory!