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November On Track Heroes!

November 28, 2019

Welcome to November On Track Heroes!

7:01UTC Time
10 DEC
6:59UTC Time

The November On Track events are over… It’s time to reap the rewards in December by taking your shiny new vehicles out! Hone your skills on the battlefield with your Tier X On Track tanks and compete for rewards!

We are looking for Commanders who can deal the most damage in a single multiplayer battle using their Tier X On Track tank of choice!

To participate in the November On Track Heroes event, you must use the link below to register with your gamertag, On Track tank of choice, and your Platform (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Xbox 360).

Qualifying On Track tanks


  • Winners will be determined based on the most damage dealt in a single multiplayer battle using their On Track tank of choice.
  • You can register and participate in only 1 tank.
  • If you register for multiple tanks using different gamertags you will be disqualified.
  • You can participate if you already owned the tank prior to the November On Track events.

Note: each tank will have its own top 10 winners, so there will be 50 winners total!


  • 1st place — 14 days of Premium time + 3 General’s War Chests
  • 2nd place — 7 days of Premium time + 2 Commander’s War Chests
  • 3rd place — 3 days of Premium time + 1 Commander’s War Chest
  • 4–6th places — 2 days of Premium time
  • 7–10th places — 1 day of Premium time

Roll out!