Eight MVP Bundles!

Jump right into Tank Madness with these powerful, fearless heroes. From the ram-tastic Pz.Kpfw. V/IV to the hybrid T-34-88 , these eight popular Premium tanks are must-haves in any battle-tested arsenal.

If you're unsure whether to commit to one of these beasties, hear what the community has to say!

Choice words from the community:

  • Pz.Kpfw. V/IV : " Use your massive health pool to your advantage and obviously ram stuff. " - John Arrowsmith
  • F224 AMX Chaffee : "I love getting tier IX-X matches in mine. Yes, I could be vaporized with one shot, but it's fun to unload a clip and run away while enemies are engaged with someone." - CowPony123
  • T-34-88 : " It's a very good medium tank and it's worth it for sure. Especially if you run German and Soviet Crews, as it will train either." - RAGNAR0K N ROLL
  • Cromwell Knight : "It's a very good tank that does well in tier VIII battles. Perform a light tank role and work for flanks and harass/distract enemy tanks for your harder-hitting tier VIII tanks." - Snorelacks
  • Žižka Škoda T 40 : "I would recommend the Zizka if you aren't an up front player or can alter your play to accommodate its weaknesses." - Wolfwood1861
  • Kaiju O-I : "It's like a tier VI Maus... I think those who get it are going to love it." - Redpilled Cynic
  • T28 Concept : "It's a great Premium tank destroyer, gun traverse is MASSIVE and she hits pretty hard. It also has preferential matchmaking, so there's that. I have no regrets buying this tank the first time around!" - giaka
  • Type 59 : " Great armor, good speed and mobility, good gun, cheap AP rounds, and preferential matchmaking. It's a fantastic tank in almost every way! " - leova

Battle with:

Sovietdeath and the Žižka Škoda T 40

IVIICHAELxx and the F224 AMX Chaffee

MadFriday and the Cromwell Knight

Cpt Beardface and the T28 Concept

Beard Guys and the Pz.Kpfw. V/IV

Beard, Biceps & Batchat and the T-34-88

RONIN and the Kaiju O-I

BumpmyStump and the Type 59

Store Bundles

All Premium vehicles purchased from the Store include a mix of standard and Premium ammo.

Ace Operation(s) must be completed within seven days of the bundle purchase date.


27 mar  ` 17
7 : 01 (UTC)


3 apr  ` 17
6 : 59 (UTC)

MVP Bundles

Germany MVP: Pz.Kpfw. V/IV

15% savings!



France MVP: F224 AMX Chaffee

15% savings!



USSR MVP: T-34-88

15% savings!



UK MVP: Cromwell Knight

15% savings!



Czechoslovakian MVP: Žižka

15% savings!



Japan MVP: Kaiju

15% savings!



USA MVP: T28 Concept

15% savings!



China MVP: Type 59

15% savings!



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