World of Tanks Rolls Out For Xbox One X

Experience massive multiplayer battles in full 4K resolution with World of Tanks on Xbox One X!

Wargaming is excited to announce that World of Tanks is now playable as a launch title for the Xbox One X, Microsoft’s newest and most powerful gaming console.

World of Tanks makes its biggest graphical leap yet on Xbox One X, with blazing battles and luscious landscapes brought to life with full native 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) support at 30 frames per second.

Good soldiers don’t leave comrades behind, and now you don’t have to, even if you’re playing on a different platform! Players can coordinate tactics and celebrate victories with fellow commanders across multiple generations of Xbox with full cross-platform compatibility on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and the new Xbox One X.

If you’re new to World of Tanks for consoles, or even if you’re making the leap to 4K tanking with Xbox One X, you can look forward to a regular host of brand new content, and a continuously enhanced gameplay experience. In addition to massively multiplayer battles with players around the world, we recently introduced War Stories , a story-driven campaign where you can rewrite history and immerse yourself in epic, thrilling battle scenarios.

World of Tanks for Xbox One X is available to download now from the Xbox Store .

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