World of Tanks on Xbox One Key Dates

The spotlight is on LA this week as E3 kicks into gear! Many anticipated games will be on display for the first time but don't worry if you can't attend, we have our own announcement to share with you right here!

As you already know, World of Tanks is coming to Xbox One and, as we near release, we’d like to share several key dates with you:

July 10: Pre-Download

  • Pre-download WoT on Xbox One so you can get the installation out of the way and join the Beta test battle-ready when the servers go live!

July 11 - 12: Beta Weekend

  • Enjoy early access to the WoT Xbox One battlefield before launch. Beta weekend begins the second Saturday of July and lasts 48 hours. Don’t miss out!

July 28: Release of World of Tanks on Xbox One

  • The long-awaited debut. Climb into your favorite metal monsters and enjoy the same great gameplay with stunning new graphics!

World of Tanks on Xbox One supports cross-platform play, so you can still battle with your Xbox 360 friends. Additionally, hard-earned vehicles, XP, Silver and Premium time on your existing Xbox Live account will be carried over.

New pVe Mode: Proving Grounds

World of Tanks on Xbox gets a new mode: Proving Grounds, a PvE mode where you can use any tank in your Garage to tackle the challenges that follow and showcase your combat abilities against AI controlled enemies.

Proving Grounds contains four scenarios, each with friendly AI to assist, that resemble the combat modes found in Random Battles: Standard, Assault and Encounter. The last scenario is special because it's a boss fight! An enemy E-100 must be eliminated, and it's up to you and your AI allies to breakthrough the AI defenders and confront this tier X menace!

We’re thrilled to share this information with you, and we look forward to joining you on the Xbox One battlefield next month!

Update 1.11 is Here!
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