Global Map Comes to Xbox: Fight for One Million Gold!

Are you ready for the long-awaited launch of the Global Map on Xbox?

Last year, tankers on PlayStation 4 clashed in the War of Clans event on the Global Map, battling for the prize pool of  1,000,000Gold. Many of you have asked when Xbox players will also be able to battle on the Global Map, and we finally have some good news for you! On February 25, the Global Map will become available for clan players on that platform. It's time to determine which clans are the best on Xbox!

What is the Global Map?

The Global Map is an event where clans battle for objects and resources. Are you ready to find out who will conquer the most territories and get the biggest chunk of Gold? Then let's battle!

When will the battles take place?

Registration for the Global Map starts on February 24 at 21:01 (UTC) on a dedicated website.

Please note: only the clan commander can register a clan!

To learn about all opportunities on the Global Map and be prepared for victory, please read the rules carefully.

Don't forget to communicate with your allies and follow the news via the Global Map section in our Discord channel! There, you can also ask any questions about the Global Map.

What do I need to know about battles on the Global Map?

If you plan to fight for Gold on the Global Map, you'll definitely need to know the following:

1. The Global Map consists of two phases: the tactical phase, when clans move their tokens around the map, and the battle phase, during which clans fight each other over objects on the map. The tactical phase takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The battle phase takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (see Sections 9–10 in the Rules).

2. Each object on the Global Map has a name and a tier.

Objects are the maps that the battles happen on. The object tier depends on the vehicle tier and the number of players on the team. Here we can see that the battle will occur on the Erlenberg map between two teams of 9 players on Tier IX vehicles. In the object's detailed info, you can also see when the battles for this object will start:

Note: Time is shown as UTC +3.

3. Upon registering for the Global Map, each clan receives a token. The clan commander chooses where to land:

The clan commander also chooses an object the team will be moving towards. It can be a Base:

Or a Town:

If more than one clan is claiming the object, they fight for that territory (see Sections 11.2–11.3 in the Rules). The clan that wins all battles becomes the object's owner.

4. How to place a token on the map during the tactical stage:

  • Choose an entry point (T5 in this example)
  • Click the Move button
  • Choose the object you will be moving towards (the Tundra Q4 base in this example)
  • Click the Move button
  • Choose the number of tokens to move (1 in this example)
  • Make sure your clan has enough gallons (9,500 in this example) and click Move
  • Confirm action:

If these steps were performed correctly, you'll see your clan logo on the map with an arrow indicating the direction of the attack (from the entry point to the object):

5. Each Town generates a certain amount of gallons for its owner at the end of the battle phase (depending on the Town's tier). Bases do not generate income but can contain one-time bonuses (see Section 7 in the Rules).

6. All battles are created manually in the training room. More on that in Section 13 of the Rules. To find out who your opponent is, click the Bracket button on the object:

7. You have to report the battle results in the dedicated Discord channel. If the results are not reported within 5 minutes after the battle is finished, both teams receive a forfeit defeat.

8. How to manage the clan treasury. To transfer gallons to someone, click Transfer in the upper right corner of the map:

Select the recipient of the gallons; it can be another clan or a player from your clan:

On the first day, the clans can assess the layout of objects on the Global Map and choose a time zone that fits them best.

We want tankers from all over the world to take part in this event, so battles for the different objects will start at different times (in UTC):

  • 2 AM, 5 AM (for the USA and Canada, this means the previous night);
  • 13.00 PM (this time will be convenient for players from Japan and the Far East);
  • 18.30 PM (convenient for CIS players);
  • 21.30 PM (convenient for players from Europe).

Please note that on the Global Map itself, the time for the Moscow time zone is displayed (UTC +3). Pay attention to when the battles start. If you live in Chicago, for example, it might not be convenient for you to play at 18.30 UTC since this will be 12.30 AM in Chicago. You'll probably be much more comfortable with the 02:00 UTC battles because this is 20:00 UTC in your time zone.

We've made a special video to help you understand how the Global Map works:

IMPORTANT! All battles take place in training rooms that the participating clans create themselves.

See you on the battlefield!

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