Our First Anniversary

World of Tanks blasted its way onto Xbox on February 12, 2014.
Today, the global community celebrates one year of explosive, delectable tank-on-tank combat. That's 365 days of tank-ramming, flag-capturing, face-hugging glory. Since launch, we've added gobs of new vehicles, new battle modes, new battlefields and a host of other goodies that make World of Tanks for Xbox the badass juggernaut it has become.

Commemorate this milestone with us as we take a fond look back at one year of heavy metal combat. Plus, login to your Garage this week and you’ll find a little gift: the T7 Combat Car !


12 feb  ` 15
8 : 01 (UTC)


20 feb  ` 15
7 : 59 (UTC)

T7 Combat Car + Anniversary Emblems


6 mar  ` 15
8 : 01 (UTC)


9 mar  ` 15
7 : 59 (UTC)

T7 Combat Car + Anniversary Emblems - Last Chance!

Anniversary Operation

Join the Party Bonus!

Login in to your Garage to receive the T7 Combat Car!

Anniversary Emblems

Free for a limited time!

Thanks for taking a tour of our first year of World of Tanks on Xbox. We can't wait to share what's coming next! Happy Anniversary!

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