Winter Games Charlie: Battle for Epic Rewards from March 5 - April 1!

The Winter Games campaign enters its final phase! Find out what you can earn this month.

The Winter Games campaign is coming to an end, with the final phase beginning March 5. Read on to discover the steps to tackle and rewards to earn this month, and stay tuned for details on how to claim your discounted or free Thunderbolt at the end of the campaign!

05 Mar
10:01 Local Time
02 Mar
09:59 Local Time

The M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII will be released in the Store on April 2, after the conclusion of the Winter Games campaign. Even if you have completed the Winter Games Charlie phase before the end of the campaign, any applicable discounts that you have earned will only be accessible at the end of the campaign. Please visit the portal at a later date for more details on the Thunderbolt and how to redeem your discount.

About the Winter Games Campaign and the 2019 Ops Structure

Throughout 2019, we're implementing a new challenge structure to Ops that allows you to earn points from Daily and Weekly Ops that you can use to progress through Phases (monthly events), Campaigns (quarterly events), and Objectives (annual events). Participation in Phases such as Winter Games Charlie will reward you depending on how many points you earn; if you progress through all 30 stages of the Phase and complete the campaign, you'll earn a discount on the electrifying M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII! If you complete all three phases, you'll be able to secure the Thunderbolt for free

For a more detailed overview of 2019's events, take a look at our dedicated article. Check back on the portal every week to see new Weekly Ops, or check out your 'Ops' tab in-game to see how you can earn points from Daily and Weekly Ops.

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