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War Stories , a war experience like no other, will be unleashed in World of Tanks for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on August 22 nd . War Stories is an immersive new story-driven campaign where you can hone your battle skills in thrilling scenarios, relive famous historical events, and even rewrite history as you embark on alternative history campaigns.

Two campaigns will be available upon the release of War Stories: the tutorial “Brothers in Armor” , plus the epic story-driven campaign “Flashpoint Berlin” . War Stories can be played in both single-player and co-op, so you can share the experience with fellow commanders! You can expect additional campaigns to be added to the War Stories line-up starting in September!

War Stories

The following campaigns will be available upon the release of War Stories from August 22nd , and will be available to play at gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany:

Brothers in Armor

Step into the shoes of a US tank commander training a Soviet crew to operate the infamous M4 Sherman in this tutorial campaign.

Flashpoint Berlin

Take command of Western forces and fight tooth and nail in the aftermath of the collapse of the Berlin Blockade in this epic, story-driven alternative history campaign!

Operation Sealion

Coming in September 2017 !

Kennedy's War

Coming in October 2017 !

About War Stories

Is War Stories free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox, or do I have to pay for the modes?

As with all of our modes, War Stories is free to play!

Is War Stories single-player?

War Stories can be played solo or with a friend!

What happens if I invite a friend to play War Stories with me who is at a different part of the story?

The platoon host who sends the invite will bring the invitee to whatever chapter the host is on. So you can play a chapter you haven't unlocked yet if it's with a platoon host that does have it unlocked.

Can I use one of my crew vouchers to customize my crew after using the 1 time application?

Yes you can.

Can I customize the tank I am using with equipment, camo and or emblems?

Yes, your War Story tanks can be customized once you have unlocked customization in the mode (done via progress in War Stories).

Will War Stories battles activate my daily x2 multipliers?

Yes, your War Stories tanks will have x2 multipliers that get activated after chapter completions. After unlocking Challenge Mode, this will be true of your other non-War Stories tanks as well.

Will the Crews provided in War Stories be available for use in Multiplayer mode?

Yes! Although the War Stories tanks are tied to the mode, the crews are not. Feel free to use them in Multiplayer Mode, where you'll be able to assign them to a tech tree tank free of charge once (regular crew reassignment costs apply thereafter). Each War Stories crew comes equipped with Sixth Sense already learned.

Are there any in-game supply pick-ups like ammo and or health packages?  I am afraid I’ll run out of ammo!

Because War Story battles put such an emphasis on your individual contribution, you'll find many of them do feature health restoration and ammo restoration pickups.

Is there a time limit for each chapter?

War Story battles can last much longer than a standard Multiplayer match.  There may be time limits imposed by narrative events in the battle, such as an objective you must complete within a time limit.

Will I see the completion of the chapters reflected in my stats?

War Stories will not reflect in your personal stats. You'll be able to clearly see your progression in War Stories with information showing which chapters and objectives you've completed in each.

Can I go back and replay each chapter?

Yes you can!

Will Ops be implemented to War Stories?

Yes. Secondary missions similar to Ops will be built in to the mode. In addition, once ops are unlocked for War Stories, you can use your boost ops as well.

Can I spend my Silver and Gold in War Stories?

Yes you can!

Can boosts, consumables, and equipment be purchased in War Stories?

Yes to all 3! Boost Ops can be activated once players have unlocked the Ops tab.

Can I access the tech tree to research and purchase new vehicles in War Stories?

You can after you've unlocked Challenge Mode.

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