Veterans Day – x3 XP & x2 Silver

Whether you call it Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, or Armistice Day, on November 11, the world remembers and honors those who served.

Log in at any time on Nov. 11 and your first victory in each vehicle gets triple XP and double Silver, and you can also take a whack at other XP- and Silver-earning Ops all week long.

Veterans Day (Remembrance Day)


11 nov  ` 17
8 : 01 (UTC)


12 nov  ` 17
7 : 59 (UTC)

Veterans Day/Remembrance Day

x3 XP & x2 Silver on First Victories!

Poppy Emblem


7 nov  ` 17
8 : 01 (UTC)


5 dec  ` 17
7 : 59 (UTC)

Poppy Emblem

Poppy emblem

Weeklong Ops

These Ops must be completed in Multiplayer battles, with vehicles tier III or higher.


10 nov  ` 17
8 : 01 (UTC)


17 nov  ` 17
7 : 59 (UTC)

Weeklong Ops

Battlefield Bravo

Place as the top damage dealer on your team.

Reward: 7,500

  • Available twice per day

Hunt The Hunter

Destroy 1+ enemy tank destroyers.

Reward: 250

  • Available five times per day

Mark Your Targets

Detect 2+ enemy vehicles.

Reward: + 25% XP

  • Available five times per day
  • Does not combine with daily first victory bonus

Onward to Victory

Destroy 15+ enemy vehicles in any number of winning battles

Reward: Large First Aid Kit & Large Repair Kit

  • Available once per day

Slug Fest

Deal and receive 5+ penetrating shots, and survive the battle.

Reward: 500

  • Available three times per day

Sweep the Leg

Assist with 1+ damage by immobilizing enemy vehicles.

Reward: +25% Silver

  • Available three times per day

Here comes the damage

Complete the following in any number of battles:

  • Earn a High Caliber medal
  • Place as the top damage dealer on your team
  • Earn a Top Gun medal
  • Deal 25,000 damage

Reward: 100,000

  • Available once per account
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