Update 1.12 Summary

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Update Notes

Key Features of Update 1.12

  • An improved Post-Battle Results Screen
  • New Post-Mortem Camera
  • New audio effects
  • Visually improved maps on Xbox One and Xbox 360

NEW features

  • The Post-Battle Results Screen has been revamped and provides m ore details, as requested by the community:
    • Damage Blocked by Armor
    • XP display for Premium Vehicles
    • More detailed breakdown of what you did to each enemy
    • Tool tips for Medals, Ribbons and Awards
    • Updated layout for better readability
  • Tank turrets have a chance of blowing off when ammo racked
  • Post-Mortem Camera - If the enemy that destroyed your vehicle is visible, the camera will now show your tank clearly centered in the screen from the enemy's perspective so that you can see exactly where they were when the final shot was delivered
  • A new Rain variant for El Halluf has been added

Major Changes

  • New UI for the Training level completion
  • The red map border in most maps is now a black and white stripe and is now easily distinguishable for color blindness
  • Brand new tank audio:
    • Engine start/stop
    • Speed-based gear shifting
    • Tank movement
    • Garage music and ambient sounds
    • Sound updates for Province - Night, Widepark, Widepark - Rain, Karelia, Prokhorovka, Prokhorovka - Night
    • Various UI assets audio added as well
  • Malinovka, Westfield - Flags and spawns in rain assault mode moved for balance
  • Live Fire Practice has moved to Prokhorovka

Map Changes

Each map is being rebuilt from the ground up for the Xbox One version and as a result, not all maps will be available immediately. The upside is that maps will not only look great on the Xbox One, but will also be improved on the Xbox 360 as well! The temporary map list for Update 1.12, through the Open Beta Weekend, is as follows:

  • Province
  • Province - Night
  • Mines
  • Mines - Rain
  • Prokhorovka
  • Prokhorovka - Night
  • Karelia
  • Ensk
  • Ensk - War!
  • Pacific Island
  • Abbey
  • South Coast
  • Mountain Pass
  • Mountain Pass - Snow
  • Arctic Region
  • Pearl River

Map Rotation

Xbox 360 players will be sharing the World of Tanks battlefields with Xbox One players, and in order for this to happen, we have rebuilt all of our maps from scratch. We are still in the construction process so you may notice some maps missing from rotation. For more information on our map availability and future plans, take a look at the latest Developer's Bulletin !

Additional Changes

  • Updated World of Tanks icons across the game to match new logos
  • Exhausted Ops which have distant expiration dates (such as the training Ops) will no longer appear in the completed Op list forever
  • Updated AI paths in Active Scout Training
  • Target Practice now has tank tier spawning for all tiers
  • Live Fire Practice now has tank tier spawning for all tiers
  • AI improvements in Live Fire practice
  • Engine VFX now have the following states: startup, shut-down, off, healthy and on, and damaged and on

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed artillery FX when in strategic view
  • Fixed the Sexton II's short name in the Tech Tree
  • Updated emblem and inscription positions for many tanks to prepare them for the upcoming HD versions
  • Selling tier 1 tanks should now show the appropriate selling amount in the dialogue
  • The environmental volume slider now properly affects all tank and world sounds
  • The M3A2 package for the M3 Stuart now has the correct gun sound
  • Post-Battle Results Screen should now show the correct "without premium" XP when completing an Op
  • South Coast should now only have one light source
  • Fixed various text truncation issues that could happen in the Ops tab
  • Corrected a typo when trying to create Team Training rooms
  • Removed an extra dialogue when purchasing complex equipment
  • Red text should now appropriately show for items players cannot afford within the Equipment and Supplies menus
  • Fixed Tank Practice description wording
  • Fixed localization issues in Pz III details
  • Fixed truncation issues with some languages in the pause menu
  • Fixed map art assets on:
    • Abbey
    • Arctic Region
    • El Halluf
    • Fisherman's Bay
    • Fisherman's Bay - War!
    • Highway
    • Himmelsdorf
    • Himmelsdorf - Night
    • Pearl River
    • Sacred Valley
    • Sand River
    • Sand River - Night
    • Widepark
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