Update 4.2's Top-Tier Light Tanks

Light Tanks at Tier X | War Stories: Runaway Tiger | New Winter Maps | VIP Premium Tech Tree | Tank Flags | From Detected to Targeted

December 6 marks the release of the last big WoT update of 2017! Take the new tier X light tanks to a winter wonderland, then take a gander at the new VIP Premium tech tree. All this and more…

Light Tanks at Tier X

It’s what every avid scout has been waiting for! Update 4.2 brings new light tank branches starting at tier V and extending to - of course - tier X. This is no mere patch note, it's a real game changer! Though still considered support units, the new light tanks are naturally stronger and speedier, giving them an edge in battle. Though they lack the firepower of medium tanks, they can still pierce the sides and rears of heavy tanks. Combined with their speed and camouflage, light tanks make for an unforgettable terror in the high tiers.

Accompanying this is rebalancing - light tanks now enjoy the ±2 matchmaking of other vehicle classes. For more information on the balance changes, see our full update notes .

New Light Tanks

  • LTG
  • T71 CMCD
  • HWK 12
  • Bat Chat 12t
  • WZ-132-A
  • T-100 LT
  • Sheridan
  • Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
  • AMX 13 105
  • WZ-132-1

What happens to the stuff I had on light tanks already owned or researched? For example: packages, XP, Crew, emblems, camo, etc.

All affected tanks are reset to the stock packages, and any additional ammo goes into reserves when switching back, as long as the package is still available. If not, you’ll be compensated in Silver.

For players who own one or more of the light tanks that moved tiers
(including M41 Bulldog, LTTB, T49, RU251, T-54 LtWt, AMX 13-90 & T-50):

You still own the tank after it moves up a tier. The tank keeps all customization, consumables, XP and stats earned at the original tier, Crew, and elite status. If researched, the tank stays researched and available for purchase at the new tier, and any permanent customization purchased remains available upon repurchase. The new replacement tanks and required packages to preserve the line will be researched.

War Stories - Runaway Tiger

The next chapter of War Stories (Dec. 5) follows heroine Marianne Durieux and a stolen Tiger I!

New Winter Wonderlands

Berlin - Winter

The War Stories "Flashpoint Berlin" campaign introduced the German capital to World of Tanks on consoles, and now players of standard battles can find themselves caught up in the big city during the dead of winter.

Cliff - winter

Meanwhile, the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop on Cliff, as it gets hit with some serious snowfall in its new Winter variant!

VIP Premium Tech Tree

To check the stats of Premium tanks that don’t appear on the regular tech tree, check out the VIP Premium tank tech tree in Update 4.2! Now you can get all the information you need on rare and semi-rare Premium tanks without commitment. Similar to the regular tech tree, tanks you don’t own will be grayed out, and those you do own get a checkmark. Now you can find that tank you really want, so you’ll be ready the next time it goes on sale!

Let Your Tank Flag Fly

Further customize your tanks with flags! Choose a standard flag, or create your own with over 500 emblems and inscriptions, 10 colors, 7 styles, and 6 patterns. Make your flag (and your tank) truly yours!

Find "Flags" in the "Cuztomize" menu.

From Detected to Targeted

In Update 4.2, the “Detected” alert is renamed “Targeted.” This is because the alert is no longer directional - it triggers no matter which direction you’re looking. This should help with situational awareness. The alert is only triggered when an enemy spots you and their camera view is pointed at you.

Artillery Strategic Mode (bird’s eye view) does not trigger the alert.
Update 4.2 "Tier X Light Tanks" Summary
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