Update 4.6: Explosive Changes and New Mercenaries!

Unravel the secrets of our latest update, from major game changes and improvements to new Tier X Tech Tree tanks, and a selection of brand new Mercenary vehicles!

Update 4.6 for World of Tanks: Mercenaries is now available to download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox! This update introduces a host of new content, including eight new Mercenary vehicles, two new Tier X Tech Tree additions, and two maps (one new one, and a returning favorite). There's also a lot of improvements and new features, from changes to Platoons, a new perspective for Artillery vehicles, and rebalancing for a large number of in-game vehicles. You can find out more in the patch notes for Update 4.6, or read on to check out the highlights!

→  Update 4.6 Patch Notes 


Eight New Mercenary Tech Tree Vehicles

When we introduced the Mercenaries Tech Tree in Update 4.5, we gave you a window into a world governed by war and chaos, where Mercenaries had risen to fight for fortune. We've been regularly adding new Mercenary Contracts to the Tech Tree, which allow you to complete tasks and objectives in order to earn these powerful new vehicles and the ruthless Mercenary Crews who captain them. As the war continues, so does the demand for Mercenaries, so we're adding a bunch of new Mercenary Tech Tree tanks to the game! They're commanded by an unruly bunch of 'heroes' inspired by real Wargaming employees. Maybe you'll recognize some familiar faces...

Some Contracts are available right now, with others becoming available in the weeks to come. Keep an eye on the Mercenary Tech Tree in-game, and watch out for portal announcements to find out when Contracts will become available. 

Available now:

  • Thresher - Tier III Light Tank
    • Significantly faster than the French donor of its hull, Thresher is well-armored and fronted with an aggressive weapon.
    • Crew: Dark Fox
      • Skills: Camouflage
  • Sharpshooter - Tier IX Medium Tank
    • A combination of machinery from Axis and Allied nations alike, the Sharpshooter is nimble and packs a reliable shot. 
    • Crew: Red Sentinel
      • Skills: Brothers in Arms and Adrenaline Rush
  • Stinger - Tier VI Light Tank
    • Stinger uses American parts to create a fast, agile, and competitive fighter.
    • Crew: Omni Chaos
      • Skills: Mentor and Off-Road Driving
  • Thunder-Bucket - Tier IV Light Tank
    • With a thunderous engine and a hell-raising gun, this vehicle also packs incredible penetration values.
    • Crew: Alpha Bear
      • Skills: Recon

From left to right: Dark Fox, Red Sentinel, Omni Chaos, Alpha Bear

Coming soon:

  • Long Reach - Tier VI Heavy Tank
    • Long Reach brings together the best in British, German, and Soviet engineering, and can unleash impressive firepower.
    • Crew: Brutal Beast
      • Skills: Brothers in Arms and Pain Tolerance
  • Roundabout - Tier IV Tank Destroyer
    • Rocket around the battlefield and seize advantageous positions thanks to the Roundabout's remarkable engine and weapon.
    • Crew: Cutthroat Saber
      • Skills: Eagle Eye
  • Deadbolt - Tier V Heavy Tank
    • A union of French, Swedish, and Japanese machinery. Lock, load, and put the Deadbolt's killer instinct into play.
    • Crew: Thunder Bot
      • Skills: Sixth Sense and Deadeye
  • The Machine - Tier X Heavy Tank
    • French, British, and Czech technology bring this mechanical monster to life. With a solid weapon, use it to strike hard and true.
    • Crew: Metal Dragon
      • Skills: Repairs and Eagle Eye

From left to right: Brutal Beast, Alpha Bear, Cutthroat Saber, Thunder Bot, Metal Dragon

Artillery Trajectory Cam

Update 4.6 introduces an entirely new perspective for Artillery vehicles! The 'Trajectory' view exists alongside the existing, top-down 'Strategic' view, and gives Artillery players a new camera view that is lower to the ground, angled, and rotates automatically to simulate the direction of the shell's travel (using the player's tank as the central pivoting point).

You can access the 'Trajectory' view by clicking and holding the Camera Zoom for a short time while in 'Strategic' view. Clicking the Camera Zoom without holding swaps between higher and lower zoom levels for both Artillery views.

A new educational loading screen will accompany this feature to show the controls. Please check the 'Controls' menu in 'Options' to see which button this is for your selected control scheme. The HUD has also been updated with a new indicator which shows which camera view you are currently using, and how to change the camera mode.

Health Bar Numbers

This feature was in high demand from our community, and we're pleased to finally introduce it to the game with the latest update! The ability to see Health Bar numbers on both enemies and allies when you look at them can give you an indication of the state of your own team, or to how much health you need to knock off your opponents. This options can be toggled on or off in 'Options', and will be off by default. 

The displayed format of the numbers is Current Health/Total Health.

To activate Health Bar Numbers, press Start, head to 'Options', go to 'Game Tab' and select 'Toggle Health Bar Numbers'.

Platoon Changes

The Platoon system has undergone several improvements, which change the way players interact and join Platoons. This includes the adjustment of Platoon rules to help improve the quality of matches for all players and the introduction of Persistent Platoons.

New Platoon Rules

To create a better overall experience for players that want to play with friends, we've made some amendments to the rules for forming a Platoon. These change will allow matchmaking to provide a better experience for all Platoon members and the other players on your team. 

  • Multiplayer:
    • Players can only select the same Tier tank as the Platoon leader. If the Platoon leader is Tier VII, then all Platoon members must also use a Tier VII tank.
    • Platoons are limited to only three Artillery vehicles per platoon. 
  • War Stories and Co-op:
    • Any Tier tanks are allowed to Platoon together.
    • Platoons are limited to only three Artillery vehicles per platoon.
  • Ranked Battles, Team Training, & Tournaments:
    • There are currently no Platoons allowed.

The Garage display has been updated to reflect these new rules. When you are in a Platoon containing two or more players, the display will change from 'Plays up to Tier: N' to 'Platoon Tier: N' to inform the host what Tier the Platoon is. 

Persistent Platoons

With this update, all players will now be in a Persistent Platoon. This will allow friends and recent players to join other players easily by navigating to a player's profile and selecting 'Join Game'. By default, the Platoon's privacy will be set to Public. If you do not want other players to be able to join you, you will need to adjust your Platoon's privacy setting. 

The Platoon screen can be opened by pressing the 'View' button. This is where you manage the Platoon as a host or member. To invite players to your Platoon, open the Platoon screen, select your friend from the friends list, and press A or X (depending on your platform) to send an invitation.

You can manage members of your Platoon as the Platoon host by highlighting and selecting a player. This will open up the member management options, including Mute, Kick, and Make Leader.

As the Platoon host, you can change the privacy of your Platoon between Public, Private, and Closed.

Players can join the Persistent Platoon of any friends' or recent players' Platoon which is set to Public through the player's profile.

Tank Rebalancing

In one of our biggest rebalancing undertakings in the history of World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 and Xbox, we have adjusted and rebalanced over 300 vehicles in-game with the latest update.

Click here to check out the full list of changes!


Tier X Tech Tree Additions

Two new Tier X heavy hitters representing the UK and China have joined the game, and are available to earn from their respective Tech Trees!

WZ-111 5A - Chinese Tier X Heavy Tank

  • This tank boasts excellent sloping frontal armor, great maximum speed, and incredible gun elevation – no opponent will be able to get the jump on you!

Super Conqueror - British Tier X Heavy Tank

  • Its all-round thick spaced armor offers reliable protection from all sides, while good gun handling and accuracy makes it a real menace to slower opponents.

Maps: Caen  1944 and Pearl River

Two maps are entering rotation with the latest update!

Caen – 1944

Caen – 1944 is inspired by the real town of Caen in north-western France, which was liberated from German control in the Battle of Normandy during the summer of 1944. It was originally used as the basis for the finale of the War Stories campaign Operation Sealion, which saw the story’s heroes finally driving an amphibious German invasion out of Britain. Caen – 1944 features undulating hills divided by a large central ridge, with a vast beach to the east of the map setting the scene for explosive battles along the coastline.​

  • Camo Type: Summer
  • Battle Tiers: 7+
  • Game Modes:
    • Standard
    • Team Destruction
    • Encounter
    • Assault
  • Size: 1200 x 1200

Pearl River

Welcome back, Pearl River! This idyllic valley is bathed in golden sunlight and features rugged terrain that allows for a wide array of battle tactics, including ambushes, unexpected flanking maneuvers, and close encounters. Stalk along the riverbed that cuts through the map for a swift and direct approach to the enemy base, and throw yourself into a firefight without wasting any time. Whichever clever tactics your employ, don’t forget to watch your back!

  • Camo Type: Summer
  • Battle Tiers: 4+
  • Game Modes:
    • Standard
    • Team Destruction
  • Size: 1000 x 1000


Check out the full patch notes for Update 4.6 to see all of the changes and new features in this update, including clear camouflage options, dynamic battle music, the ability to randomize Crew names, and more!

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