Trade-In: Tanks for the Chisel Contract

Get ready to fulfill the contract in advance!

With the release of Update 4.11, a new Mercenary Tier X contract becomes available — Chisel. It's time to prepare! Trade your Premium vehicles for brand-new tanks that will help you fulfill the contract for this high-tier Mercenary.

The contract will also be available for regular vehicles.

This contract consists of 8 stages. So, what vehicles available within the Trade-in program will help you?

Stage 1

Victory in battle depends on many factors. But the ability to change your position quickly and reliable support are key components.

This Premium version of the British Comet tank possesses all the advantages of its regular brother: great mobility, good aim and rate of fire, nice view range, decent gun handling, and the possibility to install Vertical Stabilizer to maintain accuracy on the move. In addition, this vehicle has a +60% Silver earn rate and +20% bonus XP earn rate.

This US medium boasts an accurate and fast-aiming gun, good handling, and a decent DPM. On top of that, its gun mantlet is well-armored to protect you from the shells of same-tier opponents. The good mobility of the T25 Pilot also allows you to change positions quickly.

Stage 2

Deathstalker possesses high maneuverability and can efficiently shoot on the move. No terrain impedes this tank; its great gun depression allows it to fire from anywhere. Keep in mind its +57% Silver earn rate and +15% bonus XP earn rate — a great way to progress and train your Crews quickly.

Stages 3–4

Both are great medium tanks of the UK and Mercenaries respectively. Their guns are accurate, fast-firing, and punchy, so you will earn enough even with standard ammo. By the way, if you happen to be a ridge fighter, both guns have great depression for that. And don't forget their sturdy turrets! In the case of the HMH Huntsman Centurion you can play at the front line safely. The Trinity Mark II though, despite its spaced armor on the turret, has some holes in the mantlet. It's best to keep it out of the line of fire when you're playing it.

These vehicles also differ in mobility. The British vehicle can change positions quickly and attack from all sides, sometimes leading the charge. The Mercenary, on the other hand, should choose its position carefully before the fight begins, then play cautiously, supporting its allies.

The wide view range of both these tanks will come in handy as well.

Stage 5

The easiest way to earn a High Caliber medal is to play tanks with autoloaders. Approach your opponent from behind, fire the entire clip, reload, repeat—and the reward is yours. The T32-A Proto has a perfect 3-round autoloader that reloads quite quickly, enabling you to deal damage efficiently.

This tank also boasts great gun depression and decent mobility. If you are a master of "cardboard" autoloaders, the T32-A Proto is definitely the vehicle for you.

This vehicle is also unique because of its +10% Free XP earn rate — in addition to the increased Silver and XP earn rates.

Stage 6

As you may know, the Duelist medal is awarded for destroying at least two enemy vehicles that caused damage to your vehicle in a battle. But what tank is perfect for earning it? Something nicely armored and with high damage per shot. What about the M6A2E1? This tank has a lot of HP, thick frontal armor, and a high profile allowing you to deal damage from cover or from behind your allies.

Don't forget that in close combat you're in a perfect position to send shells into your opponents' turrets from above. But the main advantages of this American heavyweight are preferential matchmaking, the great penetration of AP shells, and the highest Silver earn rate among all Tier VIII Premiums.

Stages 7–8

Have you already completed contracts for such Mercenary vehicles as The Machine, Hardcase, Sharpshooter, and Tusk? Then you're in luck. These tanks are perfect for completing the final stages of this contract.

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