Big Prizes in the WCL Special Edition 2018

20 feb

Join our new Official Tournament Club on Xbox One and battle it out in the World of Tanks Community League Special Edition 2018! This first tournament is to help us stress test this new system, and begins on February 24. If you're a winner, you can look forward to Silver, Premium Time, and Premium vehicles as prizes!

Tournaments are no longer restricted by server. All registered participants must re-register in their tournaments.

Tournament Details

  • Team Size: 7v7
  • Single Elimination Bracket
  • Tank Tier VIII-X Only
  • No tank class restrictions
  • 10-minute battles
  • 256 team brackets
  • Registration on a first come first served basis up until the start of the tournament (February 24)


1st Place1,000,000,Premium Days ( 7 ), VI flag  Cromwell Knight   per player

2nd Place500,000Premium Days ( 7 ),  V flag  Pz.Kpfw. V/IV   per player

3rd Place250,000Premium Days ( 3 ), III flag  T-127   per player

4th Place250,000Premium Days ( 3 ), III flag  T-127   per player

Players who already own any of the Premium vehicles will be compensated with their equivalent in Silver.

How to Join

  • From the Home screen, scroll to the Community tab
  • Select Clubs on Xbox
  • Select Find a Club
  • Choose World of Tanks as a recent game, or type "World of Tanks Official Tournaments"
  • Join the Club so you can make your team and register!

Once in the Club, players can join their friends and register for a team or utilize the Looking for Group feature to find and fulfill the seven-player requirement. For further information on joining a Club, please see the Xbox support page.

Contact your Club administrator if you have any questions or encounter issues during the event.