The HMS TOG II* Shoves Off!

Have you ever wondered if the TOG II* could float? Maybe you've heard whispers of its buoyancy, or perhaps even seen it yourself! The TOG II* is revered, and sometimes called the "land yacht." But could it really be a boat in disguise?

This weekend, prepare yourselves for a grandiose revelation (as grand as witnessing Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster) as this beloved tier VI British Premium tank returns to its natural habitat... the sea. Avast! TOG Boat mode is here!


Join us on Friday, April Fool's Day, 14:00 PT / 17:00 ET at as we explore and battle in the TOG Sea! Feel free to ask questions about the development of World of Tanks on Console!

Dead ahead is the HMS TOG II* assault artillery boat ! Inspired by the floating battleships of World of Warships, the HMS TOG II* will be making her maiden voyage in the "TOG Sea" in 7v7 TOGboat-on-TOGboat action!

To begin the event, access your Garage and play a single Multiplayer battle in any tank you own, and once you've completed that, you'll find the HMS TOG II* floating in her specially designed dock!

HMS TOG Operation

Earn 15,000 or more XP in any number of winning battles.

Rewards: 1 Day of Premium

  • Must battle in the HMS TOG II*
  • Op available once per account

Get to Know the HMS TOG II*

The HMS TOG's main armament has been infused with state-of-the-art ballistic technology, allowing her to launch an impressive three-round volley for devastating effects. She's equipped with armor-piercing (AP) and high-explosive (HE) ammunition types.

But that's not all. By switching between these ammo types, you can fight normally with AP rounds in standard third-person view or switch to HE, which will give you indirect fire and access to "Artillery view."

  • AP rounds: Standard AP ammo which is mainly used for direct fire engagements. Quick to shoot and follows primarily a straight line trajectory.
  • HE rounds: Similar physics as artillery rounds, best suited for indirect fire engagements. These rounds are slower and shoot at an arc, perfect for lobbing over obstacles.
  • Platooned players will see the old standard queue, which will not affect finding a battle in this mode. Platoon names and icons will not be in yellow. This is a display issue only.

The HMS TOG will not be able to equip camouflage or equipment, will have its Garage Slot removed at the end of the mode, and has no ammo or repair costs .


Prior special event vehicles did not provide battle earnings, but we've listened and changed that! We've added the ability for the HMS TOG to earn Tank XP and Crew XP, like in your standard Multiplayer battles.

To help your British Crews get their "sea legs," the HMS TOG also comes with a 50% Crew XP bonus which is the highest in-game ! Use this limited-time event to help boost your Crews and increase their ranks!

When the TOG Boat mode ends, any Crew remaining in the HMS TOG will be returned to the barracks, and any Tank XP will be available to convert to Free XP. "Sea" you on the high seas!

Road To The Top: Earn XP & Silver for Tier X!
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