Heart of the Tiger: Discover the T-VI-100

A new Soviet Heavy Tank hits the battlefield!

The T-VI-100 previously existed only in blueprints, which plotted the unrealized potential of this intriguing German-Soviet hybrid. Now it’s been brought to life, and you can try it for yourself in World of Tanks: Mercenaries!


The T-VI-100 was a real USSR project that intended to transform a captured German Tiger vehicle. It’s a Tiger at heart, but it’s burning with Soviet firepower!


The T-VI-100 is a rare tank that you can only get on World of Tanks for PlayStation 4 and Xbox.


You will only be able to get this unique, historical Heavy Tank once this year. With limited availability, this is one for the true tank collector.

This is a rare opportunity to drive a concept vehicle that has never been tested, and see how it performs on the battlefield. Get yours before March 5!

Stat Attack: Soviet Tier VII T-VI-100 Heavy Tank


  • Matchmaking: Plays up to Tier 9
  • Silver Bonus: 30%
  • XP Bonus: 20%
  • Hit Points: 1500
  • Engine Power: 700 hp
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 12.33 hp/ton
  • Speed Limit: 40 km/h
  • Hull Traverse Speed: 28 deg/sec
  • Hull Armor: 100/80/80
  • Turret Armor: 100/80/80
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 22 deg/sec
  • Penetration: 190/247/50
  • Damage: 250/250/330
  • Aim Time: 2.4 sec
  • Accuracy:  0.36
  • Gun Caliber: 100 mm
  • Rate of Fire: 7.23 rounds/min
  • Max Ammo Capacity: 72 rounds
  • View Range: 380 m
  • Signal Range: 730 m


Heart of the Tiger: Get the T-VI-100 in Primed, Ultimate, Loaded, and Base Bundles!

All Premium vehicles purchased from the Store come with a 100% trained Crew, their own Garage slot, and a mix of standard and Premium ammo.

The T-VI-100 Loaded bundle will be available on February 19. The T-VI-100 base bundle will be available on February 26.


12 Feb
10:01 Local Time
05 Feb
09:59 Local Time
  • Soviet Tier VII T-VI-100 Heavy Tank
  • Improved Ventilation Class 3
  • Large-caliber Tank Gun Rammer
  • Coated Optics
  • 30 days of Premium Account
  • x4 Crew XP Boosts (15)
  • x3 XP Boosts (15)


20% savings!

  • Soviet Tier VII T-VI-100 Heavy Tank
  • 30 days of Premium Account
  • x4 Crew XP Boosts (15)
  • x3 XP Boosts (15)


20% savings!

  • Soviet Tier VII T-VI-100 Heavy Tank
  • 3 days of Premium Account
  • x4 Crew XP Boosts (5)
  • x3 XP Boosts (5)


10% savings!

  • Soviet Tier VII T-VI-100 Heavy Tank


T-VI-100 blueprints provided courtesy of Yuri Pasholok

The creation of the T-VI-100 was a project by the USSR that never fully came to fruition. Throughout World War II, the Red Army captured several Tigers from the Germans and used them for combat tests and the development of countermeasures against German engineering.

The T-VI-100 project would have seen one of these Tigers fitted with a Soviet weapon in place of the Tiger's 88mm gun. The D-10 gun, a 100mm weapon that fronted the Soviets' SU-100 tank destroyers, would have made the tank a frightful combatant against German vehicles. The project was ended in 1945, and although never officially realized, the potential and potency of this German-Soviet hybrid can be seen in the T-VI-100 available in World of Tanks: Mercenaries.

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