Spring Games: Earn Epic Rewards from April 2, including the Incredible IS-2M!

A new campaign begins in April, and there's another brand-new prize tank to earn mega discounts on through participation!

Winter's icy grip has loosened, and Spring is now in bloom! Spring Games Alpha, the first phase of the brand-new Spring Games campaign, will begin on April 2. Read on to discover the steps to tackle and rewards to earn this month, including information about the prize tank you can claim at the end of the campaign: the indomitable IS-2M!

To add some extra challenge and to give you even more rewards to enjoy, we've added a few extra tiers to complete during the Spring Games campaign. Happy point-earning, commanders!

02 Apr
09:01 Local Time
30 Apr
09:59 Local Time

IS-2M: Earn up to a 100% Discount on this New Premium Tank!

You can earn awesome rewards throughout three phases of the Spring Games campaign, but the cherry on top is getting a discount on the brand-new IS-2M at the end of it all! Depending on your level of participation in the Spring Games, you can get this Premium tank a for free or for a heavily discounted price if you complete Spring Games Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie.

Complete one phase of the Spring Games campaign (e.g. Spring Games Alpha) to earn a 50% discount on the Gold value of the IS-2M. Complete two phases (e.g. Spring Games Alpha and Spring Games Bravo, launching in May 2019) to earn a 75% discount on the Gold value of the IS-2M. Complete the entire Spring Games campaign (Spring Games Alpha, Spring Games Bravo, and Spring Games Charlie) between now and the end of June 2019 to earn the IS-2M for free!

While stats and details may be subject to change, here's what you can look forward to from the indomitable IS-2M...


Use your cover wisely and take your time to reload before dishing out cataclysmic damage with the IS-2M's 122mm gun.

Armored Warrior

Good mobility and solid armor make the IS-2M a reliable choice that won't let you down, no matter the terrain you're traversing or the battlefield you're conquering.

IS-2, But Stronger

The IS-2M has the familiar playstyle of the IS-2 from the Soviet Tech Tree, but with better gun handling, armor, and health. If you enjoy playing with the IS-2, you'll love tearing up the battlefield with the superior IS-2M!

The IS-2M will be available in the Store at the conclusion of the Spring Games campaign. Look out for more details in the future!

Stat Attack: Soviet Tier VII IS-2M Heavy Tank
  • Matchmaking: Plays up to Tier 9
  • Silver Bonus: 35%
  • XP Bonus: 20%
  • Hit Points: 1300
  • Engine Power: 600 hp
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 12.37 hp/ton
  • Speed Limit: 32 km/h
  • Hull Traverse Speed: 36 deg/sec
  • Hull Armor: 100/90/60
  • Turret Armor: 100/90/90
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 28 deg/sec
  • Penetration: 175/217/61
  • Damage: 390/390/530
  • Aim Time: 3.3 sec
  • Accuracy:  0.45
  • Gun Caliber: 122 mm
  • Rate of Fire: 4.88 rounds/min
  • Max Ammo Capacity: 35 rounds
  • View Range: 350 m
  • Signal Range: 730 m

Final stats are subject to change. Please refer to the stats displayed in-game for the most accurate information.

About the Spring Games Campaign and the 2019 Ops Structure

Throughout 2019, we've implemented a new challenge structure to Ops that allows you to earn points from Daily and Weekly Ops that you can use to progress through Phases (monthly events), Campaigns (quarterly events), and Objectives (annual events). Participation in Phases such as Spring Games Alpha will reward you depending on how many points you earn; if you progress through all 30 stages of the Phase and complete the campaign, you'll earn a discount on the indomitable IS-2M, a brand-new Premium tank! If you complete all three phases, you'll be able to secure the IS-2M for free

For a more detailed overview of 2019's events, take a look at our dedicated article. Check back on the portal every week to see new Weekly Ops, or check out your 'Ops' tab in-game to see how you can earn points from Daily and Weekly Ops.

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