Rare Tank Spotlight: T-34-88

Making its World of Tanks debut is a Soviet medium tank unlike any other Premium vehicle in the game.

The Soviet T-34-88 has the best of both worlds: excellent mobility found in Soviet mediums coupled with the same extremely accurate 8.8cm German gun found on the Tiger I . A savvy commander will play the vehicle to its strengths and not rely on the tank’s armor but rather its speed to flank and take shots at distracted foes. Once the enemy is in your sights, you can count on the 8.8cm gun to deliver a steady flow of fire!

The German gun isn't the only thing being borrowed on this medium, aside from being able to command the tank with Soviet Crews, you can also add German Crews with no penalty! That’s right, the T-34-88 can train medium Crews from Germany and the USSR!

Lastly, the T-34-88 does not receive a Silver income boost as other Premiums do. Instead, this medium will earn extra XP per battle making it a perfect addition to any Garage! Act fast, this bundle is available for a limited time!


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Masterful Medium

Masterful Medium

Soviet T-34-88

100% Trained Crew + Garage Slot

30 Days of Premium



This bundle can be purchased once per account.

Update 1.7 Filesize Exceeds 4GB
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