Rare Tank Spotlight: 105 leFH18B2

After the Germans won the Battle of France, they found themselves with a decent amount of French armored vehicles in working condition. Rather than let them go to waste, the Germans fit them with numerous improvements ranging from stronger engines to larger-caliber weapons. Making its debut in World of Tanks is the barrage-bringer, the deliverer of tears; the one vehicle that can be captured yet still return back to its home nation (we don't know how) -- the relentless French 105 leFH18B2 artillery!

The 105 leFH18B2 was created using the armored hull of the French Char B1 heavy tank and equipping it with a magnificent German 105mm light howitzer. Most players will agree that the prize of the 105 LeFH is its gun. This deadly howitzer has a high vertical shell arc and one of the best gun range at its tier allowing you to rain a steady flow of fire. Capable of firing AP, HE and HEAT rounds at an astounding rate of 6.45 rounds per minute, there's a reason why this tier V artillery is a feared force on the battlefield.

Defensively, this artillery is no slouch. Outfitted with about 60mm of armor all around, enemy light tanks on the hunt won't be too happy to run into this artillery at base. The usual principles apply, so angle your hull if attacked by lights and surprise them with an early demise with your quick-firing howtizer.

We've paired the 105 leFH with a Camouflage Net and Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, allowing you to stay hidden longer and aim faster at unsuspecting foes. Pocket extra Silver, train your French artillery Crews and go ahead and let out the maniacal laughter while barraging your foes into a pulp!

Available for a limited time only, add this force multiplier to your arsenal while you can. Vehicle screenshots below!


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105 leFH18B2: Equipped for Battle Bundle

105 leFH18B2: Equipped for Battle

  • 100% Trained Crew + Garage Slot
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • Camouflage Net



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