Rare Tank Spotlight: FCM 50 t Liberté

Sporting the phrase Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité proudly on its gun and sporting an audaciously patriotic camouflage pattern, the likes of which haven't been seen since the T26E4 Freedom , we’re pleased to introduce the latest special Premium Tank to enter the World of Tanks universe - the elegant yet devastating French FCM 50 t Liberté !

Development of the FCM 50 t began in late 1945, months after World War II came to a close. Based on pre-war French tank blueprints in conjunction with what was learned from German improvements, the FCM 50 t was designed as a replacement for existing French heavy tanks.

Although the Libert é is labeled as a heavy tank, players who have battled with the FCM 50 t will know that this tier VIII tank plays more like a medium tank than as a bruising, close-quarters heavy. Mobile with decent torque and an excellent traverse speed, the only thing preventing the Libert é from being labeled a medium tank is its size. Nonetheless, the Libert é should still be feared due to its armament; a lethal and accurate 90mm gun that has one of the highest penetration values among tier VIII Premium vehicles.

Like many French tanks, the Liberté trades armor for mobility and firepower, and this 90mm gun is no joke! The Liberté can reliably penetrate tier IX tanks and, unlike many of its peers (such as the 112 , for example), its potential damage output isn't hindered by poor gun depression. Maneuverable in rough terrain and equipped with a flexible gun, many tankers have compared the FCM 50 t to the German Indien-Panzer , as both are fairly agile and armed with similar guns. The Libert é is best played in a support role, where your accurate gun can hack away at enemies from a safe distance, and your mobility ensures that you can keep pace with the fight.

Libert é comes with a battle-hardened Crew - 100% trained in the Academy and already equipped with the Snap-Shot skill, which improves accuracy during turret rotation. This is ideal for a fast-firing tank that is quick enough to move between firing positions.

When you factor in the Libert é' s Silver-earning prowess, preferential matchmaking and potential as a Crew trainer for your French heavies, the Libert é is an excellent choice for those looking to advance up the French tree.

This Premium is available for a limited time, so grab Libert é while you can!


10 jul  ` 15
3 : 01 (ET)


24 jul  ` 15
2 : 59 (ET)

Liberté Bundle

FCM 50 t Liberté

  • FCM 50 t Liberté
  • 100% Trained Crew + Garage Slot
  • "Snapshot" Skill
  • Access to the Operation: Liberté Ace
    (Must be completed within seven (7) days of the purchase date)

Op: Liberté Ace

Earn 30,000 or more in any number of battles.

• Must play in the FCM 50 t Liberté
• Must exhaust Liberté Ace
• Once per account

Reward: 100,000 , 1 Day of Premium Time


12,000 12,486

All Premium vehicles purchased from the Store include a full loadout of standard ammo as well as 20% Premium ammo. Snap Shot - Improves accuracy during turret rotation. The effect increases with the skill level. The skill is more effective when combined with a Vertical Stabilizer.

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