Don’t just give a gift, give a TANK!

Give the gift of a single tank!

Who said its got to be the season of giving to give someone a gift? Do your clan mates deserve a present? Maybe you owe someone big time… possibly a friend’s birthday, or maybe you just feel like doing a random act of kindness. Whatever the case is, give your friends a gift they will actually want - a tank! 

Some of your favorite tanks from the Premium Tech Tree can now be found in the Web Store free of any fluff! Gift a tank completely on its own to any of your friends! You can check out the all new store additions online, from new tank bundles, to tanks bundled with everything from premium time to boosts, silver, and more!

Go show your friends just how much you appreciate them! All you have to do is find the item you would like to gift in the store, click ‘Purchase’ and click to ‘Buy as a Gift’ !

For more information on how to purchase Premium Vehicles, Gold Premium Account time, and other online goods, check out our Web Store Rules.

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