Benvenuto to the Italian Tech Tree: Now Available In-Game!

Start building a platoon of your own Italian vehicles from Tiers I to X today.

Sempre Avanti Italia! Today, we’re pleased to finally welcome the Italian Tech Tree to World of Tanks: Mercenaries! Italy is the twelfth nation to be added to the game, with this European country’s unique brand of tank engineering taking a lot of inspiration from French and British war machines of the twentieth century. For the first time in the game, certain Italian vehicles also feature auto-reloading guns.

Read on for details about how to begin earning Italian vehicles, the research and purchase costs of each vehicle, a guide to the new auto-reloader feature, and a new dev diary dedicated to the Italian Tech Tree! You can also check out a new article where we explain how we make changes to new vehicles and lines brought over from World of Tanks PC.

New Op: Italian Power

From March 26 through April 1, get an extra 25% XP when you destroy five or more vehicles using Italian vehicles from Tiers III to X during Multiplayer battles!

How to Earn Vehicles from the Italian Tech Tree

To begin earning Italian tanks, head to the ‘Tanks’ tab in your Garage, and navigate up and down through the different flags until you arrive at the green, white, and red colors of Italy.

You can get a Tier I Light Tank, the Fiat 3000, without spending any XP or Silver on researching or purchasing it, but you will need to have a spare Garage Slot in order to add it to your collection. From there, you can continue using XP and Silver to progress through all Tiers of the Italian Tech Tree to your heart’s content!

Italian Tech Tree Vehicles: Research and Purchase Costs

For more details and images of tanks featured in the Italian Tech Tree, check out our dedicated articles for Tier I-VII Italian vehicles and Tier VIII-X Italian vehicles.

Tier I Vehicles

  • Fiat 3000 (Light Tank)
    • Research Cost: 0XP
    • Purchase Cost: 0Silver

Tier II Vehicles

  • L6/40 (Light Tank)
    • Research Cost: 270XP
    • Purchase Cost: 3,800Silver
  • M14/41 (Medium Tank)
    • Research Cost: 270XP
    • Purchase Cost: 4,100Silver

Tier III Vehicles

  • M15/42 (Medium Tank)
    • Research Cost: 1,275XP
    • Purchase Cost: 45,400Silver

Tier IV Vehicles

  • P26/40 (Medium Tank)
    • Research Cost: 4,160XP
    • Purchase Cost: 148,000Silver

Tier V Vehicles

  • P.43 (Medium Tank)
    • Research Cost: 11,850XP
    • Purchase Cost: 375,000Silver

Tier VI Vehicles

  • P.43 BIS (Medium Tank)
    • Research Cost: 25,510XP
    • Purchase Cost: 905,000Silver

Tier VII Vehicles

  • P.43 TER (Medium Tank)
    • Research Cost: 58,370XP
    • Purchase Cost: 1,440,000Silver

Tier VIII Vehicles

  • P.44 Pantera (Medium Tank)
    • Research Cost: 100,750XP
    • Purchase Cost: 2,530,000Silver

Tier IX Vehicles

  • Prototipo Standard B (Medium Tank)
    • Research Cost: 149,200XP
    • Purchase Cost: 3,500,000Silver

Tier X Vehicles

  • Progetto M40 mod. 65 (Medium Tank)
    • Research Cost: 197,000XP
    • Purchase Cost: 6,100,000Silver

Auto-Reloading Feature

The Italian tanks are unique in that they introduce a brand-new tank feature to the game: auto-reloading weapons. Currently only available in Italian vehicles from Tiers VIII to X, auto-reloading guns can hold multiple shells that reload automatically. Unlike existing auto-loaders, once a shell is loaded, it can be fired without needing to wait for all rounds in the clip to be loaded! This allows for single fire or burst fire, and flexible firepower depending on what the combat situation calls for.

Here's the basic flow of how the auto-reloader feature works:

  • When a match begins, the first shell in your clip starts auto-reloading. Once the shell is loaded, it can be fired immediately without having to wait for all shells to be loaded. As soon as one shell is loaded, it will begin auto-reloading the next shell and will keep repeating this process until the clip is full.
  • When a shell is fired, there will be a short reload time before the next shell can be fired. If you do not fire again, the expended shell will automatically begin auto-reloading.
  • If at any time you fire while a shell is currently auto-reloading, the auto-reloading process will be interrupted, causing the reload process to start over.
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