Battle Across Three New Maps

Grab a plane ticket and pass the ammo -- three new maps hit World of Tanks! These new battlefields include an impenetrable sandstorm, a rubble-strewn city, and a console-exclusive summer trip to the arctic.

Sand River Sandstorm

Battle Tier: 9-10
Camo Type: Desert

Just like it says on the tin, a sandstorm rages across this familiar battleground that limits your visibility and tests your meddle. Try out new tactics to surprise your opponents, but beware; they might be setting up an ambush for you!

Ravaged Capital

Battle Tier: 4-10
Camo Type: Urban

They say “Paris is for lovers,” but now it’s for tanks! Fight on the tree-lined boulevards of the French capital and battle it out among the cafes and parks. Don’t get too distracted by the sights and sounds of the city; foes may be right around the corner.

Arctic Region Summer

Battle Tier: 4-10
Camo Type: Summer

This console-exclusive overhaul of Arctic Region brings a whole lot of greenery to this once icy battlefield, but it’s up to you to bring the firepower. Rain down shells on your enemy among idyllic meadows and light forests, but keep your hatches closed – arctic mosquitoes are no joke!

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