Server Replays Guide

Watch your last five battles and rewatch the performance of yourself or others -- server replays give you the ability to review battles and modify camera angles or playback speeds.

How to Watch a Server Replay

Once a battle ends, see the “Watch Replay” icon on the Personal Battle Results Screen. Use the left stick to highlight the option and press the A/X button to download the replay, or B/O to cancel the download and go back to the Garage. If in a Platoon or Team Training Room, you’ll be asked to leave beforehand.

You can also find replays in the "Log" tab. Highlight the battle you want to watch and press A/X to download, or B/O to cancel the download and return to the Log.

After the download is complete, the progress indicator changes to Loading Level. Once loading finishes, you can “Watch Replay.” Press A/X to watch or B/O to cancel.

If the replay fails to download, the message “Failed to download replay” will appear, and you’ll return to the Personal Battle Results Screen.

To exit a replay, hit the Menu/Options button on your controller (the replay will pause) and choose “Return to Garage."

Controlling Replays

Use the replay control panel to pause, play, skip forward or backwards 30 seconds, adjust the playback speed, or jump to the beginning. Press Up on the directional pad to open the panel, and Down to close it. The control panel automatically closes after a certain amount of time.

To change the speed of your replay, press Up on the directional pad to open the control panel, then use the directional pad to select the speed. Use Up and Down to toggle between the different speeds available: the slowest at x0.1, then x0.5, normal, faster at x2.0, or fastest at x3.0.

Camera Views

The default camera view is the "tank camera," with the full HUD and info from the player you’re observing. Use the triggers (LT/RT; L2/R2) to switch between players and the right thumbstick to control the camera. Press Y/Triangle to switch between camera views.

In “free camera,” you can freely roam the map to view the battle from all angles. If close to a tank, you can activate “follow" by pressing X/Square to lock the camera tracking to the tank (must have the camera focusing on target). Use the triggers (LT/RT; L2/R2) to ascend and descend, the left thumbstick to roam forward, backwards, left and right, or click it to enable or disable momentum, and the right thumbstick to control the camera.

In “director camera,” the camera locks into place, and you can only control the direction you’re looking. Use the right stick to control the camera, and the triggers (LT/RT; L2/R2) to zoom in and out.

Replay Help Screen

Press the Menu/Option button and select “Replay Help” for quick control tips.


Can I access a server replay at any time?

Only the last five battles’ server replays from your current session are in your “Log” tab and can be viewed.

Can I save the replays?

Server replays can't be saved, but you can take advantage of your console’s video recording ability to create awesome clips!

Can I share the replays?

No; server replays are only available through the Personal Battle Results Screen for players in that match. But, again, your console's recording function will allow you to share clips!

If I log out of the game and log back in, can I still view my last five replays?

No; server replays are only available for the last five battles of your current session. Once you log out, your session ends and your logs are cleared. You won't be able to watch server replays from a previous session.

How can I record my server replays?

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles come with the ability to record and edit videos or livestream your session. If you want to save your replays beyond your session, we encourage you to take advantage of these features! (Xbox 360 users will need a PC game capture device and software to record gameplay.)

PS4 users: check out Playstation SHAREfactory !

Are replays available for all consoles?

Yes, all console versions of World of Tanks use server replays.

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