Participate in the Second Ranked Battles Test!

Mark your calendars -- coming December 9 - 12 , Ranked Battles are back for a second go!

Will you take the field with the T1 Heavy , spearhead the assault with the KV-1 or bombard foes with the leFH ? Think you're the only one with a Rampanzer ? Think again. Join the 10v10 competition to see where you stand against skilled opponents!

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9 dec  ` 16
20 : 01 (UTC)


12 dec  ` 16
7 : 59 (UTC)

Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles Test Concept

During an active Ranked Battles Season, tankers compete to place in the highest possible "Division" and "League" before the Season ends (this test is not considered a Season).

While in Ranked Battles, a tanker's performance and battle outcome will earn points towards their ranking. Depending on the amount of points earned (or lost), one can move up or down through Divisions, and only up in Leagues.

Ranked Battles are only for solo tankers. If you're in a Platoon, you'll be asked to leave it before entered Ranked Battles.

Points, Leagues, Divisions and Scoring

Once in the mode, you must complete five preliminary battles to be placed in a League and Division. Once placed, you'll be able to see how many points you've earned or lost after each Ranked Battle.

You can earn points to move up Leagues and Divisions by winning battles. You'll also earn additional points depending on how you placed within the team. Tankers who perform well and win will earn extra points, while those who perform well but lose won't lose as many points.

  • Division Rank: Your current position (highlighted in yellow above) on a Ladder within a Division in which you can go higher or lower based on your performance
  • Division: A Ladder within a League in which you can move up or down based on total points earned within a single Season
  • League: A level where you can only move up based on total points earned within a single Season


• Iron League, Bronze League, Silver League, Gold League, Platinum League, Master League, Senior Master League, Chief Master League, Grand Master League


  • Team Win/Loss: If your team wins, your team is awarded up to 50 points based on their rating verses the opposing team's ratings. The losing team will lose that number of points.
  • Personal Contributions: Your performance (measured by XP) can earn you up to 40 points based on the rating of your opponents. These points are additional "bonus" points and will not hurt your final score (In fact, you could potentially earn enough points to counteract your team's loss and bring the final score to 0). For the 2nd Ranked Battles Test, we've reduced the XP required to achieve the maximum points possible, thus allowing personal contributions to be more influential in the final point total.

How to Join

To enable Ranked Battles in the "Game Mode" screen, you must own at least one tier V vehicle.

For this test, all battles will also be tier V (this will vary in future Seasons).

After completing the preliminary battles, you'll be placed into a League and Division and gain access to the "Ladder" tab in the Garage. The "Ladder" tab will display info about the current Season, your rankings, leaderboards and other useful stats.

Ranked Battles will be available once unlocking a tier V vehicle

Mode will display here if you already own a tier V vehicle

Ranked Battles Test Op

By placing in the highest possible league during the 2nd Ranked Battles Test, you'll get yourself a handsome Silver reward!

Bonus Op Rewards

• Iron League: 0
• Bronze League:
• Silver League:
• Gold League:
• Platinum League:

Master League: 250,000
• Senior Master League:
• Chief Master League:
• Grand Master League:

You will only get the Op reward for the final league position achieved. It's not a cumulative amount.
Once the Ranked Battles Test is over, you'll be awarded the Op reward after 30 minutes. You must login within 30 days of the end of Ranked Battles to receive the reward.


• When is the launch date for the real Ranked Battles mode?

The testing period will help us fine-tune this game mode for release. We're aiming at Spring 2017.

• How do we know when a Season begins?

The Ranked Battles option will be available in the "Game Modes" screen when a Season or Test is live.

• Do I move down in Division / Leagues if I'm on a losing streak?

Yes and no -- you'll move to lower Divisions in a losing streak, but you cannot move down a League.

• Will Ranked Battles matchmaking be the same as Random Battles?

No, Ranked Battles have their own matchmaking queue.

• Will Ranked Battles affect my stats?

No, Ranked Battles do not affect your stats.

Do you earn Silver and XP like a normal multiplayer battle?


What are the Ranked Battles Silver ammo, consumables and repair charges?

All normal costs apply.

Do I need a Premium account/vehicle to participate?


• Will the Ranked Battles matchmaking be random or will it take player’s skill in to consideration?

Skill is taken into consideration for scoring purposes but not for matchmaking.

• Will there be Ops during Ranked Battles?

There will be no Ops other than the Ranked Battles Test Op.

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