PS4 Unlock - The British Are Here!

The British are coming, the British are coming!

This time around, however, rather than brace for defense, you should embrace the arrival of the Crown's arsenal on PS4!

The tanks used by Great Britain and the Commonwealth feature a wide array of vehicles ranging from robustly-armored infantry tanks designed to plow through the toughest obstacles, and cruiser tanks, which use their speed to exploit breakthroughs and sting the enemy from their flank!

These vehicle types, along with eight maps, are coming with the British Invasion !

British Tech Tree

Community UK Branch Videos

Check out some of the highlights submitted to us via the Community Heroes series of articles. Think you got what it takes to have one of your videos on here? Tell us about it in the forums!

Maps to Enter PlayStation 4 Battlefields!

In addition to the UK tank unlock, PlayStation 4 battlefields are getting eight maps added to the Multiplayer map rotation. Check them out below!

Ensk - War

Ruinberg - War



Siegfried Line - War

Westfield - Rain

Airfield - War

Fisherman's Bay - War

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