Premium Tech Tree Weekly: HMH T34-85M and Vindicator Charioteer

The Premium Tech Tree welcomes two new vehicles this week.

The Premium Tech Tree, accessed via the 'Tanks' tab in your Garage, is ripe with a regularly updated roster of tanks that rarely step out into the limelight, giving collectors and thrill-seekers the chance to take something new for a spin. We're adding new Hero tanks every week; these are powerful tanks that are usually only available in Store bundles or via special Earn Ops, so check back every Tuesday to see what's new!

19 Feb
10:01 Local Time

New additions for February 19

HMH T-34-85M available for 4,500Gold

This rugged Soviet Medium tank features good mobility and a reliable gun; a trusty vehicle for a steady path towards victory.

Vindicator Charioteer available for 12,200Gold

This tough British Tank Destroyer possesses a powerful gun and great mobility, enabling you to move across the battlefield with ease while destroying enemies on sight.

Global Map Comes to Xbox: Fight for One Million Gold!
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