US Supply Drop Bundle Free for PlayStation Plus Members!

Secure an epic payload before December 19.

Give your forces a huge boost with a supply drop of Premium Consumables and Premium Account, free for PlayStation Plus members for a limited time only. Head to the PlayStation Store to grab the US Supply Drop Bundle, and check back next month for another free offer exclusive to PlayStation Plus members.

20 Nov
10:01 Local Time
19 Nov
09:59 Local Time

US Supply Drop Bundle

Maximize your XP and Silver rewards from battles, keep your American Crews in shape, and ensure your tanks are fully operational with this supply drop!

  • 3 days of Premium Account
    • Get 50% more XP and Silver from every battle!
  • 12 x Large Repair Kits
    • Repair damaged tank modules and boost your crew's ability to fix your vehicle in battle!
  • 12 x Large First Aid Kits
    • Heal your injured crew and give them an extra 15% protection from critical damage!
  • 12 x Automatic Fire Extinguishers
    • Extinguish vehicle fires immediately and reduce the chance of fire by 10%!
  • 12 x Cola
    • Boost the training level of Crew Skills by 10% during battle! Available for American crews only.

Get it for free from the PlayStation Store!*

An active membership is required to access PlayStation Plus features and benefits. This offer will be available for players in Asia in December 2018.

*Link for PlayStation Plus members in the US, please visit the PlayStation Store for your region to view this offer.

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