Presenting Xbox Arena Skirmishes

3 oct 17

Starting October 13, teams of Xbox One tankers clash for supremacy in a new online Skirmish hosted by Wargaming!

⇒Full Rules and Terms⇐

What's a Skirmish?

Skirmishes are small-scale tournaments for Xbox One players. Bigger tournaments with even bigger prizes are coming later!

A Skirmish is region-dependent: players in North and South America (excluding Brazil), Australia and New Zealand battle in one Skirmish; players in Asia and Europe will compete in another.

Tournament DETAILS

  • Team Size: 7v7
  • Single Elimination Bracket
  • Tank Tiers: VII & VIII
  • No tank class restriction
  • Maps: Random maps
  • 10-minute battles
  • 64 team brackets
  • Registration on a first come, first served basis up until the start of the tournament (October 13)
  • The top 8 teams will be seeded into Day 2 (October 14)


Details on how prizes are distributed in the Terms of Use.

1st Place16,000,000  per team

2nd Place10,000,000 per team

3rd - 4th Place4,400,000 per team

5th - 8th Place1,200,000 per team

Plus, tankers in the top teams will get a sweet medal in October!

Winning Teams

October Skirmish EU

1st Place: Magna Flashboy

2nd Place: Stormfirewar

3rd Place: llTanKz

4th Place: I Crypt3x I

5th Place: DichteTinte

6th Place: GryphonKG

7th Place: Panzer Rikki

8th Place: NebelCHARLY

October Skirmish NA

1st Place: Sir Tubins


3rd Place: Dampest Duck420

4th Place: Tinselly Jam

5th Place: CDNSNIP3R

6th Place: Mr SqueakyPants

7th Place: GatorGotHisGatt

8th Place: LoudTexan1990

How to join - Day 1

  • Open World of Tanks and press the Menu button on your controller
  • Select Game Hub, then the "Tournaments" tab
  • Pick a tournament and register!

How to register - Day 2 (top 8 Teams only)

  • Go to Clubs on Xbox
  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide, select Home, select Community, then select Clubs on Xbox.
  • Select Find a Club, then select World of Tanks October Skirmish 1 NA (or EU)
  • Select the Tournaments tab
  • Choose a tournament from the list, and register for it