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New Year, New Tanker: M3 Light Bundle

3 jan 17

Learning the ropes of World of Tanks? Resolve to improve your skills by picking up a low-tier Premium tank on the cheap! The Soviet M3 Light Tank features an excellent top speed, good mobility, and a fast firing gun -- great for learning the ins and outs of scouting.

Get yours fully-loaded with Premium time to boost your earnings!  

All Premium vehicles purchased from the Store include a mix of standard and Premium ammo.

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4 jan  ` 17
8 : 01 (UTC)


5 feb  ` 17
7 : 59 (UTC)

New Year, New Tanker: M3 Light

New Tanker: M3 Light

•   III flag  M3 Light  
• 100% Trained Crew
• Garage Slot
• Premium Time ( 3 )

53% savings!