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Premium Tech Tree Weekly: American and Soviet Coalition

30 apr

Get your hands on rare and powerful Premium tanks every week.

The Premium Tech Tree is your one-stop shop for introducing fresh, rare Premium tanks to your Garage on a regular basis. It’s accessible from the ‘Tanks’ tab in-game, and there are almost 40 tanks to choose from already. We’re populating the tree with rare new additions every week, so you can look forward to rediscovering Premium rarities that you’ve missed out on, or finding new favorites to take into battle!

Check back on the World of Tanks Console portal every Week to see the latest additions to the Premium Tech Tree. The following tanks will be available in the Premium Tech Tree AS OF May 1.

This Week: BT-7 artillery and T25 Pilot Number 1

III flag  BT-7 artillery  

This Soviet bomber is small, agile, and packs a surprisingly strong weapon for a Light Tank. Get it for 850 today!


VIII flag  T25 Pilot Number 1  

This is one Pilot that's more than ready to enter the danger zoooone! The T25 is a crafty opponent, boasting great gun depression and excellent accuracy while on the move. Get yours for 7,450 today!