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Celebrate Summer Fest in World of Tanks!

5 jul 17

As the Fresh Prince himself once told us, summertime is the time to sit back and unwind. To herald the arrival of our most gloriously sun-drenched season, we’re pleased to introduce the very first Wargaming Summer Fest - a series of special offers, discounts, and an Op to keep you cool and occupied!

There’s something for everyone during Summer Fest, from tier IV vehicle discounts for World of Tanks beginners, to discounts across all tier X vehicles for veteran commanders, and some tasty bundles where you can acquire half-price garage slots and loads of cheap silver!


7 jul  ` 17
7 : 01 (UTC)


17 jul  ` 17
6 : 59 (UTC)

Wargaming Summer Fest

Store Bundles

Party Platter

• 10,000,000 

40% savings!



Save a bundle on this hoard of silver - it's easier than stealing it from a dragon!

Parking Pass

• 10 Garage Slots

50% savings!



More garage space than you'll know what to do with - or maybe not, load up and roll out!


  • 20% Gold Discount on Tier V Premium Tech Tree Vehicles
  • 20% Gold Discount on Tier VIII Premium Tech Tree Vehicles
  • 30% Silver Discount on Tier IV Regular Tech Tree Vehicles 
  • 30% Silver Discount on Tier V Regular Tech Tree Heavy Tanks
  • 30% Silver Discount on Tier VI Regular Tech Tree Medium Tanks
  • 30% Silver Discount on Tier VII Regular Tech Tree Tank Destroyers
  • 20% Silver Discount on all Tier X Vehicles

Summer Fest Op

This Op must be completed in Multiplayer battles, using regular Tier III vehicles only.

Tier III Boost

Play a battle.

Reward: +25% XP multiplier

• Repeatable