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May Overview: American Heroes

25 apr 17

Wargaming celebrates the valor and pride of our American heroes during Military Appreciation Month. Celebrating the patriotism of the brave men and women who safeguard our freedoms, we show appreciation, admiration and respect to those who keep the true American spirit alive.

In honor of their bravery, May kicks off with a special month long Operation, "American Dream Machines," which awards players for their efforts with different tier prizing based on points earned. A squadron of fearless Premium tanks also roll out including the U.S. Vengeance T25, and two new PAINGOD selections: the M6A2E1 and M4A2E4 Sherman.

Military Appreciation Month is an opportunity for players to support the military via a special “Valor Family” emblem available for purchase in-game, with 100% of the net proceeds donated towards the National Military Family Association.

We recognize the perilous duties and heroic acts our service men and women have accomplished, both past and present. Check out the rest of what's in store:

Earn Op: American Dream Machines

• May 2-29

There's no better feeling like getting free stuff for kicking butt on the battlefield. American Dream Machines is where you can earn various prizes based on the effort you put in. This month long Op will appeal to new and veterans alike; it's available to all nations (vehicles tier III+) with 10 different stages of prizing, and best of all, it's repeatable!

Earn loads of Silver, Boost Ops, Premium account time, the III flag  M22 Locust  , V flag  M4A2E4 Ripper and much, much more! The top prizes have yet to be revealed, but stay tuned for the complete announcement coming soon!

If you win a Premium vehicle that you already own as a prize, you'll be compensated with their Silver values.

Vengeance T25

• May 2-28

Watch out for the Vengeance T25, an American badass with impressive flanking speeds and excellent gun depression to stay in the hunt! It has looks to kill: darkened camouflage, a forward-facing patriotic shield and grinning skull on the rear.

Military Appreciation x3 XP Events & Emblems

• VE Day x3 XP: May 8
• Memorial Day x3 XP: May 29
• Emblems: May 2-31

Our celebration of Victory in Europe Day and Memorial Day kicks off with x3 XP on your first victories in every tank you own. We're also offering three popular requested emblems and a "Lest We Forget" inscription, many from our own veterans who play!

Get your hands on limited-time, patriotic emblems:


Valor Charity Event

• May 2-31

The National Military Family Association prides itself on being the voice of military families. For 48 years, they have proven to stand behind service members and their loved ones.

Help support our military with a purchase of the special "VALOR Family" emblem, located under "specials" in the "emblems" reel in the "customize" menu. 100% of the net proceeds go towards the National Military Family Association and their efforts.

PAINGOD's PICKS: Mutant 6 & M4A2E4 Sherman

• May 19-30

World of Tanks Executive Producer PAINGOD has called for the return of two American Heroes: the impenetrable VIII flag  M6A2E1  and unrelenting V flag  M4A2E4 Sherman . Hop into the commander's hatch of these two beasts via the Mega or varied standalone bundles.

Huntsman Centurion

• May 26-June 26

Take command of the HMH: Huntsman Centurion, Britain's newest "universal tank" capable of filling a variety of roles on the battlefield. The Huntsman carries potent firepower and comes dressed to impress with desert digital camouflage and a spider emblem.

New Desert Emblems

• May 26-June 26

Add these emblems to your favorite machines while you can!


Hot Commodities

Also coming to the Store this month:

VII flag  ISU-122S  

All information provided is subject to change.