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June Overview: Enter the Crimson Knights

31 may 17

Tankers beware -- the Crimson Knights are here, and they're dead set on dominating! They include a terrible twosome known as the "Honor" T-28E and "Glory" IS-5, both sporting exclusive decals. Not to be outdone by their Soviet comrades, the "Fatherland" IS-3A and "Motherland" T-54 have returned in a variety of bundles, and an all-inclusive Crimson Knights Mega pack!

Last month, you added a few American Heroes to your ranks. This month, prepare for “Bogatyr!” A new Earn Op will have you battling to add this special KV-220-2 variant to your arsenal!

We round out the month with a new On Track event, another round of Ranked Battles, and a pair of new Premium tanks from the land of Europa…

Crimson Knights

• June 2-29

Add a splash of crimson to your arsenal with five Soviet wonder weapons! No need to chase honor and glory when you can add the "Honor" T-28E and "Glory" IS-5, the Kremlin's newest war heroes!

Honor and Glory aren't the only thing at stake. The VIII flag  Fatherland IS-3A  and VIII flag  Motherland  are also available in the Store, and together with the V flag  Bogatyr KV-220-2  , this quintuplet forms the mighty Crimson Knights!

Earn Op: "Bogatyr" KV-220-2

• Earn Op: June 2-22
• Bundles: June 2-29

Speaking of the "Bogatyr," you can earn it free in our next Earn Op! The standard variant of this burly heavy tank is already a feared sight on the field with it's near-impervious armor and preferential matchmaking.

The Bogatyr KV-220-2 is just as fierce, and comes with all-terrain camouflage and a Crew (also named Bogatyr) which is trained in the Legendary Skill "Iron Mace," which increases your shell's ability to retain its penetration values over distance.

On Track: IS-7

• June 2-15

Familiarize yourself with the Soviet playstyle through this On Track event, where you can play popular behemoths like the  V flag  KV-1  on your way to the  X flag  IS-7  !

On Track events feature special discounts and Ops with one goal in mind: to help you speedily unlock that tier X vehicle in a particular line.

Valkyria Chronicles' Tanks Hit Console Battlefields

• June 22-July 2

June introduces two Premium tanks from Valkyria Chronicles: Edelweiss and The Nameless, both with custom Crews with distinct voice-overs!

For Collectors: Dark Horse Tanks

• May 26-July 2

The Dark Horse heroes return for a limited time to mark the release of the new World of Tanks: Roll Out comic collection.

CANCELLED: New Consumable: Patch Kits


Ranked Battles: Tier VIII

• June 23-25

Ranked Battles return for another weekend of intense 7v7 battles! Place in the highest League to reap the rewards.

June Emblems

• June 1-30

Customize your favorite war machines with these latest emblems!