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July Overview: Defiance

28 jun 17

Happiness is a state of defiance. We recognize the countries that fought for their independence, we celebrate the heroes who stood for a cause, and we honor the peoples who risked everything to change the tide of war.

Wargaming recognizes this defiance with the return of select Heroes from the U.S., France, and Great Britain. The all-new Frostbite Grizzly M4 Sherman has also arrived, and it's a Canadian hero battling for the Brits.

We're also thrilled about our partnership with Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan's WWII action movie "Dunkirk." You can participate in exclusive "On the Road to Dunkirk" Ops, and get a pair of new Dunkirk-associated Premium tanks in the Store! Show your pride and independence with these patriotic vehicles!

Independence Special

• Day of Independence Proving Grounds Mode: June 30-July 5
• Freedom Weekend: June 30-July 4
• Fourth of July Garage: June 30-July 28
• x4 XP: July 4

Join us for a special "Independence" event with x4 XP on July 4 (only on first victories), in-game discounts, a themed month-long Garage, new rewarding Ops in Random Battles and Proving Grounds, and plenty of Heroes in the Store.

Frostbite Grizzly M4 Sherman Emerges

• June 30-July 30

Move over Ram II; the Great White North gets a new Hero in the Frostbite Grizzly M4! This Sherman variant has icy white camouflage and proudly sports the Canadian maple leaf.

Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada's confederation with this able flanker! More details on June 29.

Wargaming Summerfest

• July 7-16

This summer we're pulling out the stops with limited-time discounts, the return of popular bundles and a special promo Op! More details July 5.


• Earn Op: July 14-27
• Hero Bundles: July 14-August 14
• Dunkirk Movie Release x3 XP: July 21

All roads lead to Dunkirk. With the upcoming release of Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk," you'll find plenty of related events! It starts with a new Earn Op: collect points by placing near the top XP earners and choose your prize: the  III flag  Pz.Kpfw. T 15  ,  III flag  FCM 36 PaK 40  or  III flag  Sexton I  !

Two new Dunkirk-related Premium machines are hitting the field as well: the "Defiance" Matilda (tier V MT) and "Vindicator" Charioteer (tier VIII TD). Adorned in custom camos and decals, these two stalwarts won't be available in the tech tree, but will soon become British regulars!

For the release of the film on July 21, we also have an x3 XP bonus! More details July 10.

Project VALOR Charity: Home Emblem

• Begins July 6

The Fisher House Foundation and its network of comfort homes let veterans' families stay at no cost while a loved one receives treatment. Help support these brave veterans with the purchase of the next "VALOR" emblem: "Home!" 100% of the net proceeds go towards Fisher House and their efforts.

Remember, to collect the fifth and final VALOR emblem, you must get the first four!

Ranked Battles Weekend

• July 28-30

Another round of Ranked Battles, another round of seeing which vehicles you battle best with! Which behemoths are you bringing out?

July Emblems

• American Emblems: June 30-July 30
• Canadian Emblems: July 6-30
• Dunkirk Emblems: July 14-27

Add some flair to your favorite war machines with these timed-exclusive emblems:

 (American, French, Canadian and Dunkirk respectively)

All information provided is subject to change.