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January Overview: War of Nations!

3 jan 17

The New Year has arrived, and while that means change, fierce tank battles won't let up! This month, we're ecstatic for "War of Nations," a special event featuring challenging new Ops to battle with each nation, bundles featuring new Premium stalwarts, and a final showdown pitting Team America against Team Germany!

Check back throughout the month for additional details.

Comic Mode Event

• January 4-8

With the success of the World of Tanks: Roll Out! comic, we thought we'd bring the comic to life for a special event! For a few days only, the entire game will transform (comic rendering) to make the game look like a comic book.

World of Tanks: Roll Out! Issue 4 & "The Hidden" StuG III

• Bundle: January 4-15

We're proud to announce that World of Tanks: Roll Out Issue 4, "God of Battles," is available today at local comic retailers and online at DarkHorse.com.

With it, the Snakebite's next adversary comes to life. And like in the comic, you too can lie in wait with "The Hidden" StuG III, the latest Dark Horse Hero tank!

This stealthy destroyer features distinct camouflage and a Crew trained in the "Camouflage" Skill, which increases your chances of remaining hidden. Get a hold of The Hidden StuG in the Store.

Boxoffice Showdown: Fury Returns, Enter Tiger 131

• January 16-February 5

Shermans and Tigers faced each other in intense WWII battles, and like in the movie "Fury" (2014), you can live the action for yourself with the returning Sherman Fury, and brand new Tiger 131!

Fury ©2016 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.


Tiger 131

  • Sherman Fury: This legendary variant of the classic "Easy 8" Sherman is back! Like in the movie, Fury comes dressed in battle-tested decals with its name painted proudly on its gun. Collect this warhorse today; it's highly sought-after on Xbox, and new to PlayStation 4!
  • Tiger 131: In the film, this menacing Tiger was able to wipe out Fury's platoon before being outflanked. But you know better than to take a Tiger to the frontlines. Blast your opponents from afar and give no quarter!

TankBowl: Tryouts & Playoffs

• January 16-February 1

Test your mettle in the "TankBowl," a competitive new community event where to the victor go the spoils. Join either Team USA or Team Germany, and leave your mark by leading them to victory!

To participate, you'll first need to select your team. Earn your spot in the TankBowl by completing "Tryouts" (once completed, there's no switching teams) for either Team USA or Team Germany, where you'll need to earn a select amount of points in vehicles (tier III+) of your selected nation. The nation’s “Tryouts” Op you complete is the team you’ll be playing for (you won't get into the TankBowl unless you complete one of the "Tryouts" by February 1).

Earn enough points and you'll make the team, thereby unlocking the "Playoffs" where you can reap in extra XP and Silver per victory in vehicles (tier III+) of your selected nation. Are you up for the challenge -- which team will you side with?

TankBowl 2017 Main Event

• February 2-5

TankBowl 2017 will be a battle of wits and heart! Give it 110 percent (you'll see why later) over "four quarters" for your team and you’ll earn an “MVP” medal. Winners will get a special “Champion” tank, free, after the event!

It’s not about how you start the game, but how you finish!

TankBowl Limited Time Emblems

• January 4-February 5

Show your competitive team spirit with a few new emblems in celebration of TankBowl!


Hot Commodities

Also coming to the Store this month:


Be sure to check the "Ops" tab for the latest rewarding missions, and the "Store" tab where you can get your hands on x6 Crew XP Boost Ops, Silver and more!

All information provided is subject to change.