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August Overview: Release the Beasts

27 jul 17

That’s not growling you hear; it’s the rumbling engines of the Beasts of War! Prepare yourself for a month of monstrous missions and bestial bundles, plus your monthly favorites!

Beasts of Prey | Beasts of War | On-Track to FV215 B (183) | Predator & Prey | Gamescom 2017 | Emblems | Medals

Beasts of Prey Earn Op

Beasts of Prey Earn Op: August 1-27

Cry havoc and let slip the Beasts of Prey! Prove your ferocity in Earn Ops for points to spend on Silver, Boost Ops, Premium tanks, and more! Learn more about the Ops on July 31!

Beasts of War

Beasts of War Bundles: Aug. 1-31

Hop into one of the Beasts -- the Rheinmetall Skorpion, M46 Patton KR, or Panzer 58 Mutz -- and get additional Beasts of Prey points from your top-placing victories!


On-Track to the FV215B (183): July 31-Aug. 14

Claw your way up the British tank destroyer line with Ops to speed up your climb!

Predator and Prey: European Tanks

Prey on European Tanks Op: Aug. 1-27
European Predators Op: Aug. 1-27

Take your favorite German, British, French or Czech tanks out on a hunting trip or track them down as prey. No matter which you choose, you’re bound to haul in the loot!

gamescom 2017

• gamescom Daily Login: Aug. 23-26
• Camo Discount: Aug. 23-26

Party with us during gamescom 2017! Get Beasts of Prey points and other prizes just for logging in!

Aug. Emblems

• Join the Fight Emblems: Aug. 1-30
• Beasts of War Emblems: Aug. 1-30

Czech now has a Join the Fight emblem!

Aug. Medals

Score this medal by logging in daily during gamescom 2017!

Complete the "European Predators" Op to get this medal!