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Weekly Strike: Weekly Ops + Soviet Dream Machines Reminder

18 may

Take on a new set of Weekly Ops, and get a heads-up on our Memorial Day events!

Weekly Ops | Earn Your Motherland Before May 28 | ICYMI: Premium Heroes | Coming Next Friday: American On Track and War Brothers Op

Take a look at all the latest content coming to World of Tanks in the next week! And remember, you've only got just over a week left to earn awesome prizes, including the VIII flag  Motherland  , from our Soviet Dream Machines event.

Weekly Ops: Supreme Commander

Battle and win awesome rewards between now and May 25 from regular Ops.

Every week, you can find a host of brand new Ops to tackle in World of Tanks to help you earn rewards that include Silver, Consumables, Experience, and much more! To take part in an Op, simply select the 'Ops' tab in World of Tanks, and activate the ones that catch your eye. From there, it's a case of fulfilling the Op's requirements and enjoying the rewards!

These Ops are available to Tier III-X vehicles in Multiplayer battles only.


18 may
9 : 01 (UTC)


25 may
8 : 59 (UTC)

Weekly Ops: Supreme Commander


Earn a Top Gun medal in a battle.

Reward: 10,000 

  • Available two times per day.

Metal Mayhem

Damage three or more vehicles and destroy one or more vehicles in a battle.

Reward:+750 XP

  • Available three times per day.

Supreme Commander

Place as the top vehicle destroyer on your team.

Reward:+25% XP

  • Available three times per day. Does not combine with first win bonus.

Targeting Tanks

Damage three or more vehicles.

Reward:  Small Repair Kit ( 1 )

  • Available five times per day.

The Day is Yours

Destroy fifteen or more vehicles in any number of winning battles.

Reward:+2,500 XP

  • Available once per day.


Place in the top three damage dealers on your team two battles in a row.

Reward: +50% Silver

  • Available three times per day.

Soviet Dream Machines + Soviet Ops

Earn points to win prizes, and tackle special Ops before May 28.

Our epic choose-your-own-prize event, Soviet Dream Machines, started on May 1 and is running all month. With ten tiers of prizing, you can aim as low or as high as you want, and reach for everything from Boost Ops to the VIII flag  Motherland itself! Pick up some new Premium Heroes, including the Guardian STG, the Kraft's Pz. IV, and the Deathstalker to earn additional points during the event.


1 may
9 : 01 (UTC)


28 may
8 : 59 (UTC)

Soviet Dream Machines

Soviet Predators

Find out how to earn the Soviet Patriot Medal.

Lock On: Soviet Tanks

Find out how to begin the hunt to earn Silver Boosts.

Spotlight: T-29

Get to know one of our newest Premium tanks.

ICYMI: New Premium Heroes

Earn more points from Soviet Dream Machines with three of May's newest Hero tanks.

We’re releasing a series of new Premium Heroes throughout May, and as well as being able to use them to tackle the Soviet Dream Machines event, you can also take advantage of Points bonuses after buying them that will make earning your chosen prizes a little bit easier...

Get your hands on the Guardian STG, Kraft's Pz. IV, or the Deathstalker to earn 1 extra Point towards the Soviet Dream Machines event whenever you place in the top 5 XP earners on your team, when you play with any Tier III-X tank in Multiplayer matches.

These bonus Points can also be claimed from other Premium tanks released during May, and they stack with each other. That means you can earn a maximum of 3 extra Points on top of any other Points you would have earned from the Ops, depending on how many of the Premium tanks you own.

Guardian STG

Raise hell before May 28. All bundles now available.

New Dark Horse Hero

Get it before May 28. All bundles now available.

Dance with the devil

Embrace the dangerous. Unleash the Deathstalker before June 5.

Soviet Dream Bundles

Dream a little bigger. Get the Soviet Dream Mega, Motherland, KV-220-2, T-50-2, and the T-29 now.

Next Week in World of Tanks

From May 25, take part in an American On Track event, Memorial Day discounts, and more!

War Brothers: Place in the top 5 XP earners on your team to earn a x4 Crew XP Boost every day!

May 25 - June 1

American On Track: Play a battle using regular American vehicles to get +25% XP!

May 25 - June 1

Save 50% on regular Tier II-V American vehicles, and 30% on regular Tier VI-X American vehicles!

May 25 - June 1

Memorial Day Discounts: Save up to 50% Gold on Premium American vehicles!

May 28

Memorial Day: Get x5 XP on your First Victories!

May 28