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On Track to the FV215b (183): UK TD Sale

27 jul 17

It’s all about the gun with the X flag  FV215b (183) , the vehicle at the end of the British tank destroyer line. It dishes out massive hurt, and now it’s easier than ever for you to get your hands on. Its humongous damage potential comes at the cost of glacial reload time and limited ammo, but the trade-off is apparent when you turn heavy tanks into rubble.

Preceding TDs like the III flag  Valentine AT and IV flag  Alecto have great guns at their tier, and later ones like the V flag  AT 2 have excellent frontal armor – just watch your sides.

Check out new Silver discounts on the entire line, and rack up extra XP with a repeatable Op as you work your way towards the FV215b (183)!


31 jul  ` 17
0 : 01 (PDT)


13 aug  ` 17
23 : 59 (PDT)

On Track: FV215b (183)


On Track: FV215b (183)

Play a Multiplayer battle in one of the above UK vehicles.

Reward: +25% Experience