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Unleash the Beast: Join Ranked Battles!

9 feb

You say you've got mad tanker skills? Talking big is easy, but fighting big is a whole 'nother beast! Now that beast awakens with Ranked Battles!

You've taken tankers to school in Random Battles, but are you prepared to challenge skilled opponents to prove who's best? In the official live version of Ranked Battles, teams endure the carnage to claim victory and bragging rights in small but fierce 7 vs 7 matches!

During the weekend of February 17, demonstrate your ability to command your most powerful Tier V tanks to ascend to the highest League and Division possible, and reap the Silver rewards that come with it!


17 feb
8 : 01 (UTC)


20 feb
7 : 59 (UTC)

Ranked Battles Weekend

What Are Ranked Battles?

Ranked Battles are your chance to compete against similar-skilled opponents in battle. During a Ranked Battles Season, tankers throw down to place in the highest possible "League" and "Division" before the Season ends!

One's performance in Ranked Battles earns points towards their ranking. Depending on points earned/lost, tankers can move up in Leagues only, and up or down in Divisions.

Note: Ranked Battles are only for solo tankers. You cannot join Ranked Battles if you're in a Platoon.

How to Participate in Ranked Battles

You can enter Ranked Battles in the "Game Mode" screen, but you must own at least one tier V vehicle (this can vary in the future) as all battles will be tier V.

After completing five preliminary battles, you'll be placed into a League and Division, and gain access to the "Ladder" tab in the Garage. The "Ladder" tab displays info about the current Season, your rankings, leaderboards, and other useful stats.

Ranked Battles Points, Leagues and Divisions

Once you're placed following the preliminary battles, you'll be able to see how many points you've earned or lost after each battle.

You can earn points to move up Leagues and Divisions by winning battles. You'll also earn additional points depending on how you placed within the team. Tankers who perform well and win will earn extra points, while those who perform well but lose won't lose as many points.

Stats in the "Ladder" tab

  • Division Rank: Your current position (highlighted in yellow above) on a Ladder within a Division in which you can go higher or lower based on your performance
  • Division: A Ladder within a League in which you can move up or down based on total points earned within a single Season. (There are five divisions, I-V, with I being the highest)
  • League: A level where you can only move up based on total points earned within a single Season

League Rewards

Depending on where you place at the Season's end, you'll score one of the payouts below (Note: Silver rewards not cumulative):

 Iron League: 0 Silver
 Bronze League: 10,000 Silver
 Silver League: 25,000 Silver
 Gold League: 50,000 Silver
 Platinum League: 100,000 Silver

 Master League: 250,000 Silver
 Senior Master League: 500,000 Silver
 Chief Master League: 750,000 Silver
 Grand Master League: 1,000,000 Silver


How do we know when a Season begins?

The Ranked Battles option will be available in the "Game Modes" screen.

Do I move down in Division / Leagues if I'm on a losing streak?

Yes and no -- you'll move to lower Divisions in a losing streak, but you cannot move down a League.

Will Ranked Battles matchmaking be the same as Random Battles?

No, Ranked Battles have their own matchmaking queue.

Will there be Ops in Ranked Battles? Do you earn Silver and XP in this mode?

At this time, Ops are not available. In the future, however, there may be a few Ops available. And yes, you do earn Silver and XP.

Will Ranked Battles affect my stats?

No, Ranked Battles do not affect your stats.